Vedic Astrology Lesson 71    

                                                              Planetary Hours or Kala Horas                                                                            

Question - How did Monday come after Sunday in the Calender ?    

Answer -  To answer this question, we have to go to the concept of Planetary Hours or Kala Horas   The Planetary Hours are counted from Sunrise and the owner of the Planetary is the Lord of the Weekday. Today is Sunday and one hour from Sunrise is presided by the lord of Sunday, the Sun.   The sequential order of Planetary Hours is as follows.  


Saturn Jupiter Mars  

  ( Arka Shukra  Budhas Chandra Manda Jeeva Dharasutha, Kramena Kala Horesa.... )  

  So if the first Planetary Hour on Sunday is presided by the Sun, the next hour is presided by Venus, next by Mercury and so on. This goes on for 21 hours and the 22nd Planetary Hour is presided by Sun, the 23rd by Venus, the 24th by Mercury and the 25th, the first Planetary Hour next day, is presided by the Moon and hence his day, Monday, became the next week day in the Calender.    We have these basic equations   Sunset - Sunrise                   = Duration of Day,  Dinamana Sunrise (next day ) - Sunset = Duration of Night,   Ratrimana   > The diurnal duration is divided by 12 to get Planetary Hours. The diurnal duration will vary, as Day = Night = 12 Hours  occurs only on Equinox days, March 21 and Sept 21.   Similarly the nocturnal duration is divided by 12.

    Dina Dwadasamso Matha Kala Hora Pathi Thasya Poorvasya Varadhinadha

Thadha Shashta Shashta Kramena Tharesam
Nishyayam thu vareshwarad Panchamadya.
Here is a table depicting the Weekday Numbers and Planetary Hour Numbers 
New Page 5
WeekNo Planet PHNo
2 MOON 4

Electing favourable times is the function of Electional Astrology and discerning through the Horary Hour is the function of Horary Astrology.


The Seven Kala Horas and what they can be used for 

Soorya Hora, Sun Hour,  represents favors from the Govt ( King ), seeking blessings from father, general success, vitality, big decision making etc.

Shukra Hora,Venus Hours,  represent Romance, beaty treatments, love, realtionships, buying of gifts and luxuries,courting,wooing etc

Budha Hora, Mercury Hours represent academic success, beginning of commercial ventures,. buying and selling, shopping etc.

Chandra Hora, Moon Hours represent general prosperity, health, medicine, starting of treatment, buying of home items, vacationing etc

Shani Hora, Saturn Hours represent discipline, patience, perseverance, purity, resilience, overcoming hindrances, industriousness etc

Guru Hora, Jupiter Hours represent Wisdom, optimism, lending &  borrowing of money, seeking advice from the learned, seeking favors from Gurus etc.

Kuja Hora, Mars Hours represent adventure and courage, legal battles, surgery, exercise, sports, firing employess etc.


One should select a Venus Hour for dating, a Mars Hour for Real Estate dealings, ask favors from the boss on a Sun Hour etc.

This is the result of a Planetary Hour in a horary calculation.

  Planetary Hour is that of  VENUS  
As The Kala Hora Ruling Planet is VENUS, you can use this Hour for dating !                       
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