Karthika, the Seven Wives ( Pleaides, the Seven Sisters ) 



See the Diamonds in Blue. Glorious lights in a blue background. The Full Moon occurs there during the lunar month of Karthika and we call this Festival of Lights, Deepawali !

The constellation of Karthika are the Pleiades, the Seven Sisters in the Western. In the Indian they are the seven wives of the Seven Sages or Sapta Rishies !


Their names in the Indian

Husband                                            Wife        

Marichi Kala
Atri Anasuya
Vasishta Arundhathi
Angiras Shraddha
Pulaha Havubhuh
Pulastya    Gathih
Krathu Kriya


They are also the Seven Sisters of Kapila. Born to Kardama and Devahooti, they are the sisters of the Divine Incarnation, Kapila, who propounded the Natural Philosophy of Sankhya !  Incidentally, Kapila had two more sisters - Fame ( Khyathi ) and Peace ( Shanti ) !

Their names in the Western


Astronomic Symbolism of the Pleiades or Karthika

eastrovedica, seven rishies, ursa mjor,karthika, pleiades

In Western Mythology, the Seven Sisters were loved by Orion, the Hunter. At their behest, Jupiter converted them into doves and placed them in the heavens. In the Indian, they are the wives of the Seven Rishies. Arundhathi or Alcyone is the central Star. There is a theory in Astronomy that our Sun is revolving around Alcyone, the Grand Central Sun !


Mythologically, Lord Karthikeya was born to Agni and Svaha, who impersonated the six stars of the Pleiades constellation or Karthika. Hence the name Karthikeya. While Arundhati remained devoted to Vasishta, the other six Rishies divorced their wives. Karthikeya was brought up by the Six Sisters, which became Karthika, while Alcor ( Arundhati ) remained close to Vasishta ( Mizar ).

Scientific truths are contained in Mythology, averred Bacon, in his De Sapientia Vaterum.


eastrovedica, seven rishies, ursa mjor,karthika, pleiades




Karthika Njattuvela

When the Sun transits the constellation of Karthika ( from May 11th onwards ), Kerala gets relief from extreme heat ( as it lies 10.30 North  of the Equator ) from the months of Sidereal Aquarius and Pisces, Kumbham and Meenam and the parched earth begins to get rainfall.  Rain accelerates during the Sun's transit of Rohini ( Aldebaran, from May 25th onwards ) and then from Mriga Sira Njattuvela  ( solar transit of Meissa ) onwards ( from June 8 ), Kerala gets tremendous rains !