The Auspicious Abhijit Muhurta


Abhijith is the 28th constellation and is considered male-
in contrast to the 27 wives of the Moon- the 27 constellations
which tenant the Ecliptic,which are considered female.

Mythology has it that Moon used to stay with his 27 wives
and loved Rohini more. He is exalted in Taurus.  Abhijith
starts from 6 deg 40 minutes in Sidereal Capricorn and
extends upto 10 deg 53 min 40 seconds in that Sign. 

Generally, a Muhurta is 48 minutes or 2 Nadis ( 2* 24 minutes ).  Diurnal
or nocturnal duration is divided by 12 and we get 15 Muhurtas
in a day.  The 8th Muhurtha occurring  in a day is the auspicious
Abhijith Muhurtha,
Abhijith Nama Madhyhne Muhurtho Vaishnava Smritha

But specifically, the defintion of a Muhurtha is Day Duration /15 and it need not be 48 minutes. It may vary. 

Computation of Abhijit Muhurtha for this Electional Hour.
This is how Abhijit Muhurtha is computed by our Software for one day


Sunrise                       6.16
Sunrise in  Mins         376.00
Dayduration               745.00
Muhurtha                   49.67 mins
Abhijit Start                723.67
Abhijit End                 773.33

Abhijit starts from      12   3 to  12  53 PM 


Tips for programmers

First calculate Sunrise. Then find out the Daily Duration

Sunset - Sunrise = Daily Duration

Divide Daily Duration by 15. It may vary from 45 to 51 minutes

Add 7*Muhurta Time to Sunrise and then Abhijith Muhurta starts.


abhi = risez + (7*adur )