Mind is the Source of the Universe
Because of Psyche, the Triad exists !
Dissolve it to know Verity
Its Therapy is the Greatest Therapy  


All this is mirrored,
In Universal Becoming, Mind
Universal Mind has become,
Guru and disciple, Father and son !

( Yoga Vasishta )

1. The Fourfold Yoga - Part I                                      8  

2. The Fourfold Yoga - Part II                                     9 

3. The Fourfold Yoga - Part III                                  

4. The Fourfold Yoga - Part IV                                    1

5. The Fourfold Yoga - Part V

6. The Fourfold Yoga - Part VI

7. The Fourfold Yoga - Part VII


The Fourfold Yoga is a fusion of all the 4 yogas - Jnana Yoga, Bhakthi Yoga, Karma Yoga & Raja Yoga. An integration of all the Four is called for - as only the Fourfold Yoga can take us to Perfection or Self Actualisation. Uniion via Love ( Bhakti Yoga ) emphasise on Universal Love. Union via Wisdom ( Jnana Yoga ) emphasises on Universal Wisdom. Union via Psychic Control emphasises on Mind Control and Union via Action emphasises on Right Action as the means to Liberation ( Self Realisation ). Only if we incorporate all these four Great qualities  will we be redeemed !



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