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 NADA  YOGA, Sanathan Sangeeth

The power of Sound invoked,
Is called Music Therapy
The healing power of Divine Sound invoked,
Is called Sacred Music Therapy.
Illnesses like Parkinsons are caused,
By deficiency of Dopamine.
Dopamine and Serotonin are bliss chemicals,
Hence lack of Bliss is the cause.
Bliss can be generated by Bhajans,
Aa they are Songs Divine generatng Bliss,
This Bliss can permeate the whole body,
Transforming it entire.

  (  Collection of Hindu Devotionals or Bhajans, Hymns, Octets , Sextets, Dasakams and Panchakams,  if not Kavachams or Suprabhatams  )



Eternal Music, Sacred Music,  is Nada Yoga. Through Sound,  Union with the Divine can be achieved. Kundalini can rise when you listen to Sacred Music. 

We have compiled for you some Sacred Music videos which can arouse your Kundalini. We are here giving some great hymns and their  videos, sung by professional playback singers, the original verses and their translations !


Awakening the Almighty Self is part and parcel of Bridal Mysticism and is known as Suprabhatam ! Here we give translations of some Sanskrit words used in  Musica Sacra !


Ashtakam - Octet or    Eightfold Verse
Shadkam -  Sextet or   Sixfold Verse
Panchakam-                Fivefold Verse
Pancha Ratna             Fivefold Verse
Dasakam -                  Tenfold Verse
Prarthana -                  Prayer
Mantra -                      Codified prayer
Stotra -                        Eulogies of the Divine
Sooktam -                    Hymn
Suprabhatam -            Awakening Hymn
Kavacham  -                Protecting Hymn 

Aarti                            Hymn extolling the Lord 


In Indian spirituality, children are brought up in Bhajans. The parents'  training is imprinted on the child's nervous system and the child grows up in spirituality. He goes through the Four Stages of Life, of  Brahmacharya ( Celibacy ),  Garhastya ( Worldly life ), Vanaprastha and Sanyasa ( Renunciation for Self Actualisation ) . 

When the Superpersonal need arises in him, he seeks a Guru and Enlightenment. So Musica Divina is a great method to keep him in the Celestial Path ! Of course, other nations and civilization have the same method and we are not claiming anything !

May you achieve Enlightenment via Sacred Music,  Advaita siddhiki amaratna labdiki Gaaname Sopanamoo......... !

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Sacred Music , Chandrasekhara Ashtakam  Bhaja Govindam or Worship the Lord 
An Octet to the Guru Divine, Thotaka Ashtakam   Worship the Overself or Bhaja Govindam III
The Eightfold Verse I, Bhavani Ashtakam Prayer for Destruction of Poverty, Daridra Dahana Stotra 
Omkaram Bindu Samyuktam, ShadAkshara Stotra Hymn of the Great Mother, Devi Sookta of Rig Veda  
Ayyappa Bhajan, Harivarasanam Soorya Ashtakam,The Eightfold Verse of the Inner Sun
Sree Sooktam, the Hymn of Prosperity Guru Paduka Stotra or Hymn to Guru
Eightfold Prosperity, Ashta Lakshmi   Eightfold Verse about Remover of Obstacles, Ganesha Pancha Ratna 
Durga Sooktam or Hymn to the Mother Goddess Medha Sooktam, the Hymn of Intelligence
Narayana Sooktam, Hymn to Eternal Being Bhoo Sooktan, the Hymn of Mother Earth
The Music of the Spheres Purusha Sooktam or Hymn to the Cosmic Man
Lalita Pancha Ratna, Hymn to Universal Player  The Khadga Mala Stotra, Hymn to Mother Sri Vidya 
Octet of Tempting Mother, Bhramrambika Ashtakam Kanaka Dhara Stotra,, Ode to the Mother of Prosperity 
Ode to the Imparterer  of  Prosperity  Ode to the Bestower of Wealth 
Vindhyeswari Stuthi, Ode to the Dweller of Vindhya  Subramanya Ashtakam or Ode to the Martial Commander 
Aarti or Hymn of Praise to the Lord  Akhilandeswari or Hymn to the Fourfold Conscious Force 
Kala Bhairava Ashtakam, Octet to  The  Destroyer  Vaidyanatha Ashtakam or Octet to the Doctor of Doctors 
Mahishasura Mardhini or Hymn to Destroyer of Ego  Pralaya Payodhi or Hymn about the Ten Incarnations !
Bilva Ashtakam or Octet to Lord, offering Bilva Leaves  Krishna Ashtakam or Octet to the Lord 
Kashi Vishwanatha Ashtakam or Ode to the Lord ! Ashtapadi II - Srita Kamala 
Ashtapadi III - Lalita Lavanga  Ashtapadi IV - Chandana Charchita
Ashtapadi V - Sanchara Dadhara  Ashtapadi VI - Sakhi He 
Ashtapadi VII  - Sa Virahe   Ashtapadi VIII  - Radhika Krishna 
Ashtapadi IX - Tava Virahe Vanamali Ashtapadi X - Dheera Sameere
Ashtapadi XI - Nadha Hare  - Ode to the Lord Ashtapadi XII - yAmi hE kAmiha  - Ode to the Lord
Ashtapadi XIII  kApi madhuripunA - Ode to the Lord Ashtapadi XIV  -  ramatE yamunA pulina-  Ode to the Lord
Ashtapadi XV  -  Sakhee Ya Ramita -  Ode to the Lord Ashtapadi XVI  -  Yahee  Madhava -  Ode to the Lord
Ashtapadi XVII  -  Hari  hari -  Ode to the Lord Ashtapadi XVIII  - Madha Makuru -  Ode to the Lord
Ashtapadi XIX   Priyed Charuseele  Ode to the Lord Ashtapadi XX   mugdhE madhu  Ode to the Lord
Ashtapadi XXI  Pravisa Radhe -   Ode to the Lord Ashtapadi XXII  Harim Eka Rasam-  Ode to the Lord
Ashtapadi XXIII  Kshana Madhuna-  Ode to the Lord Ashtapadi XXIV  Nijagada Sa-  Ode to the Lord
Ranganatha Ashtakam - Octet to the Lord of Ranga  Maha Lakshmi Ashtakam , Octet to Goddess of Prosperity 


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