The Eightfold Verse about the Remover of Obstacles !  



We have said earlier about the Obstacles Removing Deity, Ganesh. He combines both Macrocosm and Microcosm. He is the Lord who can remove all impediments and hence all Hindu poetic verses start with a verse in praise of Him !

Mythologically He is the son of Shiva and Parvathi, the Father and Mother of all that is.

All occult power He bestoweth
All obstacles He removes
He is the Celestial Deity
I bow to that Mighty One !

He is worshipped on the Fourth Lunation, on Ganesh Chathurthi. . People in North India follow Ganapatya or the worship of this Deity. There are five more Tantric schools, Saura ( worship of Sun), Vaishnava ( worship of Vishnu ), Saiva ( worship of Sive ), Shaktheya ( worship of Shakti ) & Kaumara, ( the worship of Subramanya ).

With body huge
Shining like gold
To The Wisest One
My obeisances !

His face like the baby Moon
On antelope’s black skin He sits
Three threads run across His body
To Him my obeisances !

The lord of the Cosmos entire
He can assume any Form

The Form the devotee wishes
To Him my obeisances !

All Knower of verities philosophic
He went around His Father and Mother
He circled Consciousness and Force
To Him my obeisances !


According to Mythology, both He and his brother, Muruga were told to circle the Universe. Muruga set out on His vehicle, the peacock, but Ganesh just circled His mother, Parvathi and father, Shiva ! He did it faster than His brother !


Universe lies inside My Mother
The Universe is Her play and display
Father is Consciousness Cosmic
So I just circled Her ! says He !

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