Moon Sign Gemini - Mithuna Kooru- Mithuna- ( Mrigasira 1/2- Aridra- Punarvasu 3/4 )

As Transit Venus tenants your 12th House--
lucky breaks can grace you.

As Transit Sun is in the 11th House there can be profes
ssional rise-- Sthana Manadi Labham You become the cynosure 
of all eyes and your talents are accepted. 

As Transit Mars is in Janma you will be subject 
to dire vicissitudes- as problems haunt you like a 
ten headed Hydrra. This transit is detrimental to 
both healh and wealth there may be Sthana Bhramsam 
and general dissipation of wealth Kurvanti Prana 
Sandeham - Sthana Bhramsam Dhanakshyam. 

As Mercury is in your 11th House you will have exceptional
gains. Mercury tenanting the sarvabhistasthana is excellent
for Labha or gain. Gains due to publishing books and period-
icals literature poetry and art.


Saturn is the most powerful malefic and his transit through
the zodiacal signs are considered to be the most dreadful and
significant from the perspective of fortune.

Avoid indulgence in sinful actions. However careful you are some
losses are bound to take place. Income may be retarded. Although
the influence of Saturn is generally not favourable you may
develop useful contacts during this period which may help you in
the coming years. Maintain a tight budget. Your wife may not like
it initially.
07/05/23 .................. 29/03/25

You become a more aggressive man. Will not see eye to eye with 
loved ones or perhaps wife at least for a few days. Take care not
to lose your self control and reputation by impulsive acts. You
can look forward to a more sparkling social life ahead with your
wife soon. Not a conducive time for education and literary
activities. This period is also known as Kandaka Sani.

29/03/25 ................. 06/02/27

Be careful about romantic relationships. A rift within the lute can 
occur at any time. It may widen soon and make the music mute. On the 
positive side- economic gains can accrue. Enemies increase. So also 
expenditure. Financial tightness indicated. 

On the negative side- there may be disagreement with life partner. But 
this is offset by profit from investments and speculation. Your mer
its may be appreciated by VIPs. Your enemies may try this time to 
humiliate you.


Jupiter is the most powerful planet in the astrological hier-
archy. He stays in a sign for one year and his transit has
got tremendous influence on an individual's life. Financial
dimension comes within his domain. 

Jupiter suddenly becomes benevolent and gains and prestige accrue
Romance blossoms. Wife becomes happy. Income increases and you get 
the help of your elder co-borns. Promotional prospects. You become
inspired and will-power to survive increases. Inner strength is
more now than ever.
07/05/23 ................. 01/05/24

Malefic Jupiter in the 12th creates separation from loved ones.
Unnecessary wanderings and journeys long distance travel which
becomes unpleasant heavy expenditure. Sickness manifests as Jove 
takes an adverse stance. It is better to warn your business part-
ners and wife about the potential problems in the offing.

01/05/24 ................ 14/05/25

The Dreaded Eighth Lunar Transit- Chandrashtama 

When Transit Moon transits the 8th from Radical Moon 
Chandrashtama is caused ( Janma Rasyashtame Prapthe 
Chandre Chandrashtamam Smritham ). You should avoid 
major decisions during this period as Luna's 8th 
transit is considered malefic ( Anishtan ) in 
Hindu Astrology.  

Anything of the flesh will be affected during this 
phase of Ashtama Indu. Tension grips your mind. 
You become subject to Melancholia. Mental tension= 
physical discomfort- delays in undertakings and 
travel- misplaced documents- sporadic clashes 
with partner - all these mark your pitiable 
state. During this 2 1/4 days- you are advised 
to pray and meditate as to quieten the mind and 
seek solace in the Eternal. As the luminary 
representing the Mind- the Moon- traverses 
through the dreaded Eighth House- mental peace 
makes a strategic retreat. 

Ashtamendum cha Tad Rasim Varjayeth Sarva Karmasu  

Be careful about these days 

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