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The Zodiacal Sign of Libra comprises the last two lunar mansions of Alpha Virginis ( Chitra ) , four quarters of Alpha Bootis ( Swathi )  and the first three quarters of Beta Librae ( Vishakha ). 


For Libra Moon Signs

Venus  in the  Fifth  can give  happiness through children.  

Sun in the  Sixth  causeth  rise in the professional sphere.  

Mars in the  Twelfth   causes health hazards and wastage of time.   

 Jupiter is  positive  in the 9th  and  now you can take calculated risks. 

Saturn is negative in the First   and can give  different types of ailments and sorrow.



As you are still under the grip of Sade Sathi, you will have to face problems till Nov 2. This is the period called Janma Shani, which gives Nana roga shucham, meaning that there will be problems galore, due to First Saturn, till Nov 2. There will be many trials and tribulations, which vex physique and mind. With Grace, you can conquer everything. 



As this is a testing time, exercise maximum vigilance and patience.  


Some stringency is indicated, but you can overcome all that with patience and perseverance.  


T M can give you the one pointed concentration, which you badly need.  


Rahu's Transit  

While transitng the First, the North Node normally affects health, as the First House represents Health and Personality. This transit takes a toll of Health, Wealth and mental health. Mental peace will  be  found wanting. 

You can chant the Rahu Gayatri and Rahu mantra, Om Rahave Namah for relief. 



Chandrashtama - The Black Hole of Natal Astrology


When Transit Moon transits the 8th from Radical Moon, Chandrashtama is caused ( Janma Rasyashtame Prapthe Chandre Chandrashtamam Smritham ). You should avoid major decisions during this period as Luna's 8th transit is considered malefic ( Anishtan ) in Astrology Vedic. 

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Anything of the flesh will be affected during this phase of Ashtama Indu. Tension grips your mind.  You become subject to Melancholia. Mental tension, physical discomfort, delays in undertakings and travel, misplaced documents, sporadic clashes with partner - all these mark your pitiable state. During this 2 1/4 days, you are advised to pray and meditate as to quieten the mind and seek solace in the Eternal. As the luminary representing the Mind, the Moon, traverses through the dreaded Eighth House, mental peace makes a strategic retreat. 

Be careful about these days - 03 Apr to  04 Apr   Ashtamendum cha Tad Rasim Varjayeth Sarva Karmasu 


Saturn should be propitiated with the mantra 

Om Shanaischarayai Namah

As Anna Daanam is Maha Daanam, feed the poor on Saturdays.  Fasting on Saturdays, worshipping the Tutelary Deity on Saturdays, chanting His mantra, His Peedahara Stotra, His Gayatri, His Stotra can mitigate his negative influences.

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