Vedic Astrology Lesson 106  

                                                                              Of the Ten States of Planets



Planetary states are many > Many of them have been defined Ten of those have been identified

We will define them here
The planet in exaltation
Is Deeptha called
Native rises in wealth and fame
During its periods/ subperiods !
A planet powerfully posited
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In own house, is Swastha called.
Educational attainments, gains,
Gain of children and fame !
A planet in friendly house
Is Muditha called !
Native takes part
In events auspicious !
A planet associated with benefics
Is Shanta called !
Native helps relatives
And enjoys bliss domestic !
A planet retrograde
Is Shakta called !
Great happiness and Victory
And prosperity in family !
The planet at the end of a Sign
Is Peeditha called !
The planet after twenty degrees
Is considered afflicted !
A planet in an inimical Sign
Is Deena called !
Bringeth Diseases, poverty, fall
And affliction by enemies !
A planet proximate to the Sun
Is Vikala called !
Fall, mental tension, enemies galore
During its periods/subperiods !
A planet in debilitation
Is called Khala !
Loss of wealth, torment from enemies,
And quarrels with near and dear ones !
A planet in acceleration  

Is Bheetha called !  

Fear of fire, incarceration  

And miseries galore ! Eastro Vedica's Social Media Profiles