Vedic Astrology Lesson 104    
             Of Ninth House 

Ninth House represents Fortune, Father,
Divine Merit and Deity
Wisdom personified, Vidya
And this House is Bhagya called !  
If the Ninth lord be
In signs cardinal, Chara
Or in the adverse Eighth
Native will be  born in father's absence.
If Moon or Venus be
With malefics natural
Native goes to Master's wife
Such is Astrology's decree !
If malefics associate with dispositor
Of the Ninth Amsa lord
And Moon be with malefics
Native fond of old women !

If Moon or Venus be weak
Or if weak Venus with 9 H lord,
Be in Navamsas malefic
Native goes to Aunties !
If the lord of Ascendant be
Strong and if Venus and Jupiter be
Exalted, angular or trinal
Native becomes humble and truthful.
If the lord of Ninth be 
Iin the Navamsas of Mercury
And Jupiter,hemmed in between benefics
Native become just and strict !
If benefics be in                9 H
And  Ninth lord be in maleficAmsa
Native does altruistic acts
Only for fame and name !
If Saturn and Rahu be in 9
In the benevolent Ninth
And if Gulika aspects Ninth
Native becomes cruel and cunning ! 
If the Ninth lord be a benefic
And if Sun is closeted with benefics
Native will have Father's grace
Such is Astrology's decree !
If the lords of One and Nine
Along with Sun be strong
And aspected by benefics
Native follows father's dictates !
If the lord of Ninth be
In angles or trines
Aspected by benefics
Rich the native becomes !
If the lord of Ninth
Be in the benign Eleventh
And if the Eleventh lord be in 2,
Rich the native becomes.
Or lord of the Second
Be in the important Tenth
With the Tenth lord's aspect
Native becomes Kubera, Monte Cristo !