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                                                                                          Vedic Astrology Lesson 102       By 

                                                                                 Of the Seventh House



The Seventh House represents Marriage, Copulation, Wife

Husband, pleasures of bed
And Venus is its significator !
Vivaha Mithuna Loka
Bharya Bharthru Samagama
Shayya sthree sanma nashtartho
Maidhunyanyapi Saptamal !


If the Seventh House be
Tenanted by fair Venus
Casanova the native becomes
And if Mercury, a profligate

If Jupiter, one  wife

If Saturn, women old
If Mars, all women
If Sun, torments  partner



If Venus be with malefics
And if lords of 2,6,7
Be in the Ascendant
Will have partners many !

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If Rahu and Ketu be
Aspected by malefics
With the Seventh lord
Native will be a Casanova !
If the Fourth House be
Tenanted by planets
Aspected by lords of 5,6 or 7
Casanova the native becomes !
If Venus be positionally  weak
And if Fifth lord is in Seventh
And if Seventh lord be with malefics
Wife dies during delivery !
The lord of Second and Seven
Be powerful, in own house
Or in exaltation or Moolatrikona
Native has only one partner !
If the Seventh lord be exalted
Or retrograde , in Ascendant
Native has lots of wives
Such is Astrology's decree !
If the Ascendant lord be in 12
And malefics tenant the Seventh
And lord of Seventh be with malefics
Native will have two partners !
If the Seventh lord be with benefics
And in houses adverse
And malefics tenant the Seventh
Native will have two wives !
If two or more malefics
Tenant Two and Seven And malefics aspect their lords Native will have three wives ! Eastro Vedica's Social Media Profiles