Yoga and Allied Sciences

Yoga & Tantra

Occult Vibratory Chemistry known as Tantra is a sister science of Yoga. While Vedanta focusses on Sat, the Existence aspect of Being, Tantra focusses on Chit, the Knowledge aspect of Being. The whole Universe is the play and display of this mighty Consciousness Force known as Chit Shakti in the Tantras. While Yoga talks about five sheaths or koshas, according to Tantra, life is an unfoldment of the Self through six energy centres called chakras. These six energy centres exist in our subtle physical body. The Serpentine Power known as the Kundalini (which lie coiled as a serpent in humans), can be awakened by Meditation. When awakened, She rises from the Root Chakra to the Crown Chakra to liberate Man.

O Infinite Power ! Thou art the Mind-principle in the Eye brow Chakra
In the Throat Chakra , Thou sport as the Ether-principle
In the Heart Chakra, Thou sportest as Air- principle
In the Solar Plexus Chakra, Thou art Fire-principle
In the Navel Chakra , Thou exist as Water-principle
In the Root Chakra, Thou art the Earth _Principle, O Mighty Mother !
And in the Crown Chakra, Thou sportest blissfully with thy beloved Consort !

When She ( Kundalini ), the microcosmic power of the macrocosmic Shakti, rises from from the Root Chakra & reaches the other Chakras, siddhis or paranormal powers maniest. Clairvoyance, clairaudience, distant healing, the ability to see Auras & ultimately Trikala-jnana ( the power to know Past, Present & future ) all manifest in the aspirant. The aspirant should not be intoxicated by these siddhis. If he tries to exhibit the siddhis or paranormal powers, he may not reach the Goal of Life. Instead he should ignore these powers of the mind & continue his Tapas till he is liberated.

Yoga & Astrology.

Einstein's greatest moment of triumph was when stumbled across Time as the fourth dimension. Another physicist, Herman Minnowski described the Universe as a four-dimensional Space-Time Continuum, made up of the three dimensions of Space and the fourth dimension of Time. The Science of Time, Astrology, is a sister science of Yoga, and can be of  immense help in the Path Divine.

The grace of Saturn ( Mokshakaraka ) & Jupiter ( Jnanakaraka ) is needed for Liberation or Self-Actualisation. Jupiter, the divine planet, represents Yoga. Astrology is only a subsidiary science of Yoga, a main science. Astrology works as an aid to Yoga, because it can show the barriers which confront the Seeker of Truth. Now the path of Self-Actualisation is difficult with a lot of barriers, obstacles & impediments and the conspiracy of inner enemies.

The Wisdom of the Heavens can pinpoint the major enemy the aspirant has to confront and overcome that enemy's vicious attacks! Mars rules anger, Venus lust etc and by knowing the adverse planet's influence, the corresponding emotions can be controlled by Yoga and Meditation. Overcoming the inner enemies is the main theme of Yoga. But we have to know who are our dominant inner enemies. When Mars is afflicted in a horoscope, it is clear that the native is struggling against anger. If Saturn is afflicted, it is clear that the native is fighting Pride. If Venus, the horoscopian is battling with Lust. By these great Arts, Yoga and Astrology, these inner enemies can be controlled and conquered !

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How could the Deadly Sins ever be
Found ugly in the least degree ! ( Goethe )


Yoga & Vedanta

Yoga is the Art of Living as contrasted with Vedanta - the Science of Being. Vedanta is the Science. Yoga is the technology. It is the highest technology. Vedanta is the theoretical aspect. Yoga is the practical aspect. It is the function of Vedanta to elaborate upon the triune aspects of Being, Its Immanence, transcendence and cosmicity. Yoga takes us to the ultimate summit, the Unified Field of Consciousness !

Yoga & Nyaya Shastra ( The Science of Logic )

The science of Logic postulates that Summum Genus cannot be defined as it has no proximate Genus. It is this Summum Genus that is known as Brahman in the Upanishads. As such, it is Indefinable. Intuitive Logic is used in Yoga.

Nyaya Shastra was first developed by the Sage Gautama to establish Vedic concepts and for the refutation of non-Vedic arguments. The Science of Logic is that, he declared, which illumines all learning, the instrument of all actions & the refuge of all moral ethics analysed completely for the purpose of knowledge.


Pradeepa Sarva Vidyanam
Upadhi Sarva Karmanaam
Ashraya Sarva Dharmanam
Vidyodheshe Pareekshithah