Integration is the success  formula,
Integrate and be whole.
Integra means Poorna ,Whole,
Integration is the solution.
When I work, I am a Shudra,
When I negotiate, I am a Vyshya,
When I fight, I am a Kshatriya,
When I expound  Sastras, I am a Brahmin.
All systems integrated,
Is Dialectical Integralism.
Matter & Spirit, Purusha and Prakriti,
Are integrated in Ardha Nareeswara !
National Integration & International integration,
Is the Need of the Hour.
Integrate Nation first,
And then integrate all nations !
All nations integrated is World Government,
All religions integrated is World Religion,.
All markets integrated is World Market,
All currencies integrated is World Currency !
Integrate Western & Indian Philosophy,
And it becomes Integral Philosophy  !
Integrate Western & Indian Astrology,
And it becomes Integral Astrology.
Allopathy, Ayurveda, Homeopathy,Naturopathy,
Are always at war   !
But, when integrated,
They exist as  Integral Medicine.
All Four systems of   Yoga,
Union via Love, Wisdom, Action & control Psychic,
Were integrated by Sri Aurobindo,
As Poorna or Integral Yoga.
Combining the Dialectical Idealism of Hegel,
With the Dialectical Materialism of Marx,
It was He who integrated them,
As the mighty Dialectical Integralism !