Aurobindo Hypothesis VII - 

Everything is Being

In the Beginning, there was One Existence,
The Absolute, the Perfect, the Alone
In the Middle, there are many existences,
The Relative, the Imperfect, the Multitude.

In the End, there will be the Pure Existent,
The Absolute, the Perfect, the Alone.
For, Purusha is Self-contained Existence,
And an Absolute, which embraces Relativity !

Cause, Effect, Causality are all He,
Absolute Brahman alone exists in se.
Whom even Fourfold Veds cannot define,
As He transcends spatio-temporal language.

When we say, First,the Being and then the Becoming,
Fall we into illusion of language spatio-temporal !
Everlasting is phenomenon of the Universe,
As everlasting as the Silence beyond Time.

If Matter can neither be created nor destroyed,.
If Energy can neither be created nor destroyed,
Then Self also cannot be either created or destroyed
As these three fall under the divisions of Being.

If the Law of Conservation of Reality be true,
That Matter, Energy, Self et al are conserved, not destroyed,
It can be deduced by Logic that all are conserved,
Being, Knowledge, Bliss, Supermind, Life, Mind and Matter !

This corroborates the mighty statement of Gita,
"Know That to be Iindestructible,
By which all this is pervaded ",
As Brahman is indestructible, Aksharam Brahma !

( Avinasi tu tat viddhi
Yena Sarvam idam tatam }