It can easily be proved
That modern sciences
Derive from ancient sciences
As the  Indians say !

Ask any Computer
What is Weekday today
?DOW, Day of Week
And it will return 7 for Sat.

Ask ?Cdow and it will
Return Saturday for today.
Sequential Weekday Order
Is inbuilt in Computers.

From where does this
Sequential Weekday Order
Derive from ? From Astrology
And its concept of Planetary Hours !

Why Monday is after Sunday
Can only be answered by Planetary  Hours
A day is made up of 24 planetary hours
With the weekday lord's hour being first.

First planetary hour is Saturn's
As today, 21  11 2020, is Saturday
Sequential Order of Kala Horas
Sun, Ven, Mer, Moo ,Sat, Jup & Mars.

Applying this Sequential Order
We find that 22nd hour ruler
Is Saturn followed by Jup and Mars
And Sun becomes the 25th hour ruler.

So tomorrow the first hour is the Sun's
Hence called Day of Sun, Sunday !
Dies Sol, Ravi Var, Njayar Azhcha,
Consecrated entirely to the Solar Logos !

No new thing exists on earth
All novelty is zero
Mythology is nothing but Psychology
And vice versa.

Founding fathers of chemistry
Were Alchemists, transmuters
Of baser metals into gold
So Chemistry derives from alchemy.

Alchemy's concept of Transmutation
Is validated by Chemistry.
Two atoms of Hydrogen combine
To form Helium, in the Sun

This thermo nuclear fusion reaction
Is known as the Secret of the Stars
The Seer Poets assigned great value to stars,
To Suns apart from ours.

This solar fusion is nuclear fusion,
Principle behind hydrogen bomb !
Regarding Trasmutation
Alchemy & Chemistry become one.

Godel's incompleteness theorem
Made Maths meta mathematical!
Truth is infinite and cannot be represented
By any finite symbolic structure.

( Did not Aurobindo averr
That Truth is vaster
And greater than her forms?
As She remains Herself and Infinite !  )

Instead  of being the Science of Magnitude
Maths is in reality the Science of the Infinite.
Infinity is the Origin, Infinity is the Subtratum,
Being the nature of Being in its pure state.

All sciences derive from the Science of Being as Being,
The First Science, the Adi  Sastra, the Prathama Sastra
Matter is Being, Padartham Brahma, Materia est Deus,
Imply that Science is cent percent Godhead.