Vedic Astrology Lesson 99 

                                                                                        Of Fourth House



If the Fourth lord be
With the lord of Ascendant
In angles or trines
Native will be lord of houses !
If the lord of Fourth House be
Powerful, aspected by benefics
Angular or trinal
Many houses grace native !
If the lord of Fourth House be
Powerful, in exaltation or own
And if Ninth lord be angular
Native gets mansion !
If the lord of Fourth House be
In angles or trines, be with Tenth lord
And if Saturn be angular, Mercury in Three
Native gets a mansion !
If Mercury aspected by benefics
Be the lord of Fourth, Jove in Fourth
And if Fourth lord be angular
Native is admired by relatives !
If malefics tenant the Fourth
And if the Fourth lord be with malefics
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Native will be plagued by enemies
And will have wicked relatives !
If the Fourth House be a cardinal sign
And Fourth lord be in  Sign cardinal 
Many houses grace native
Such is Astrology's decree !
If the lord of Fourth be
In Tenth, and if Tenth lord be
In Fourth, with Martian aspect
Lord of landed properties the native becomes !
If benefics be in Fourth
Or if Fourth lord be with benefics
Angular and trinal
Native gets landed properties !
If the Fourth Navamsa lord
Or its dispositor
Be angular, aspected by benefics
Native gets properties from brothers !
If the lord of Fourth be
With Jove and Mercury
Be angular or trinal
Lord the native becomes !
If the Fourth House be
Tenanted by Moon or Venus
Unaspected by malefics
Happy and hedonistic native becomes !
If the House Fourth be
Tenanted by malefics
Devoid of benefic aspect
Miserable the native becomes !
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