Vedic Astrology Lesson 96

                                                                                  Of First House or Ascendant


If the lord of Ascendant be exalted

And aspected by benefics
And has Amsa in own or friend's house
Native will be of regal status !
If the lord of Ascendant be weak
In debilitation signs
Be in adverse houses
Native will have ill health !
If Rahu be with malefics
In the Ascendant and the First lord
Be with malefics natural
Native will be humiliated !
If the lord of Navamsa Ascendant
Be with Mars, Rahu or Saturn
Native may be an invalid
His body may suffer wounds !
If watery Signs like Cancer or Pisces
Ascends and if benefics be
Posited therein, native becomes
Happy and of regal status !
Cancer rising, Mars in First
With Venus, Saturn, Moon in Five
Jupiter in Nine, Mercury in Twelve
Native will be lord and scholar !
If the lord of Ascendant be
With Rahu, Saturn or Mars
Or with Mercury  in Sixth
Native's eyesight will suffer !
If Mercury be lord of Ascendant
And posited in angles or trines
Powerful in exaltation or own
Native will be righteous and popular !
If Rahu be in House Tenth
And if Lagna is aspected by malefics
And if weak  planets are aspected by Sun
In Lagna, Native will be hated by all !
If the lord of the Solar Logos, Sun
Be aspected by malefic Mars
And is posited in the Ascendant
Native will be an invalid.
Cardinal signs ascending
With Ascendant lord in signs cardinal
Or  Navamsa Ascendant a cardinal sign
Native will be a traveller !
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