Vedic Astrology Lesson 93 

                                                                                         Of the Tenth House                                                                                                                                                                       


If Venus, Jupiter and Mercury

Be in Trika Houses, 6,8 or 12
Native will be devoid of godly Faith
And will do sinful deeds !
If Jupiter be with Mercury
Or Mars, in angles or trines
He will build temples or inns
Which give relief to many !
If the House Tenth
Is tenanted by malefics
Without aspects benefic
Native has to face defeat !
If the Tenth House or its lord
Is aspected by benefics with Saturn
He will have a lot of subordinates
Such is Astrology's decree !
If the Tenth is tenanted by malefics
And if Tenth lord be in 6,8,12, Trika
With malefics, native ignores
Fame and recognition !
If the Tenth lord be in the Tenth
He will renovate places of worship
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And if the Navamsa tenth lord be same
Will renovate wells and ponds !
If the lord of the House Ninth
And Mercury unaspected by malefics
Be in the Ninth, native becomes
A great renunciant !

If the Tenth lord is Mercury 
And aspected by benefics
And be in benefic Navamsa
He will have commading power !

If Sun and Mars be
In House Tenth 
And if Tenth lord be angular 
He will be cruel and feared !
If Saturn conjoins
With lords of Eight and Ten
Be in cruel Navamsas
He will be feared and cruel !
If Saturn and Sun be In House Tenth
Of if Tenth lord hemmed in between malefics
The native wil be base and low principled
Showing the character of malefic Saturn !
If House Tenth is tenanted by benefics
And if Tenth lord is aspected by benefics
The native will rise in Fame
Such is Astrology's decree !
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