Vedic Astrology Lesson 91    

                                                                           About the longevity  of Father



During the period of North Node, Rahu
The sub-periods of Saturn, Rahu, Ketu
And the regal Sun are dangerous
For the longevity of father !
During the period of the South Node, Ketu
The sub-periods of Mars, Saturn, Sun
And the Node, Rahu are dangerous
For father's longevity !
During the period of Mars
The periods of Rahu, Mars, Sun
And Ketu are fraught with danger
For father's longevity.
During the period of Saturn
The sub-periods of Rahu, Mars, Sun
And Node, Ketu are dangerous
For the longevity of father !
During the sub-period of Rahu
In the major dasa of a malefic
Father's longevity will be threatened
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Thus say the wise !
If Sun be with Mercury
During the period of Mercury
Good results can be had
Such is Astrology's decree !
If Moon and Mars be
In Sama Saptama, Opposition
Of if they be together in Conjunction
Raja Yoga in the period of Moon !
If Jupiter and Saturn be
In Opposition, or if they be
Associated together
Regal Yoga in period Saturnine !
If Jupiter and Mars be
In Opposition or in Conjunction
Raja Yoga in Mars Dasa
And ordinary results in Jovian !
If Jupiter and the Moon be
In Conjunction, in same Sign
Moon's dasa gives Raja Yoga
And Jupiter's ordinary results !
If the lords of trines or angles
Be with North Node, Rahu
Rahu's period gives Raja Yoga
Such is Astrology's decree !
If  Jupiter, Venus and Mercury
Be in Opposition or Conjunction
Famous, wealthy and  fortunate
The native becomes sans effort !
 During  the period of  Venus
Who is aspected by Mercury or Jove
The native amasses riches
Beyond the dreams of avarice !
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