Vedic Astrology Lesson 90   

      Of  Fortunate or Bhagya Yogas


The Ninth House rules Fortune. Fortune is an invisible goddess which no Wealth can court. 

Of all qualities, Fortune or Luck is said to be the foremost,  Bhagyanvitha Sarva Gunair Upetha.

He whom Fortune graces
He is the aristocrat, Scholar ,
The orator, the philosopher, leader
Fortune is the greatest quality !

Yasyasthi Bhagyam sa nara kuleena
Sa Panditha sa Sruthavan Gunajna
Sa eve vaktha  sa cha darshaneeya
Bhagyanvitha sarva gunair upetha

If the Ninth lord be in Eleventh

And the Eleventh lord in Ninth
Or if they aspect each other
Or associate, Bhagya yoga formed !
If the four benefics be
Aspected by malefics
Fortunate the native becomes
Such is Astrology's decree !
If all planets malefic be
In Three, Six and Ten
Fortunate the native becomes
Such is Astrology's decree !
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The signification of the planet 
Placed in the Twelfth  will be fostered
Fortunate the native becomes
Thus say the astro savants. 

If Venus and the lord of Four
And Ninth lord be in Ninth
Or Eleventh, aspected by Saturn
Native becomes fortunate !
If a planet be exalted
And placed in the Fifth
Or in House Fortune, Ninth
Native becomes fortunate !
Swochopago Bhagya Grihe cha Bhogo
Narasya jatham kuruthe cha lakshmya
If the lords of Lagna and Fourth
Be angular, with  the Tenth Lord
Royal favour graces native
During their periods and sub periods !
If Mercury, Venus and Sun
Be in House Progeny, Fifth
And Jove be in Eleventh
Rich he becomes during Budha Dasa !
If the Sun and Ninth Lord
Be in House Twelfth
His father will get wealth
Beyond the dreams of avarice !
If the Significator of father,
Sun be exalted, father fortunate
If he be debilitated, unfortunate
The father becomes !
If the Sun be debilitated
And if Sagittarius is rising
The native becomes lucky
Inheriting paternal legacy !
If Jupiter and the Twelfth lord be
In House Twelfth or if the lords of 9,12
Be with Sun in the Twelfth
Father becomes fortunate !
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