Vedic Astrology Lesson 88 

                                                                         Of  Education or Vidya Yogas


Education is discerned from the Houses Four, Five and Second. Jupiter and Mercury are the academic planets. Saturn is the philosopher. Mercury is the mathematician. Venus is the musician. And Mars is the martial man !


If the Fifth lord be
Aspected by Jupiter
And if Venus aspects Fourth lord and Jove
A scholar is born !
If the planet of war, Mars,
Be aspected by Saturn or Moon
And if Saturn and Mercury be exalted
A scholar is born !

Education graces the native

If the Fifth lord be with the Moon
And if the lords of Four and Five
With Jupiter be in Fourth
Or aspects from Tenth 1
If Venus be in the Fourth
A musician is indicated
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If Mercury be in Fourth
Mathematician indicated !
If Mercury or the Sun
Or Rahu be in Fifth
An astrologer is born !
If the Sun and Mercury be
In the House Second
Astro scholarship indicated !
If Saturn aspects these two
A famous scholar in Astro !

If the King of Solar Logos,
The Sun and Mars be
In the House Second
A logician is born !

If Mercury and Sun
With philosophic planet, Saturn
Be in the Second House
A philosopher is born !
If Sun and Mercury be
In trines or angles
Or in House Eleventh
A mathematician is born !
If the planet of Poetry
Venus be in Second
Poetic skill graces native
Such is Astrology's decree !
If  Rahu be in House Fifth
A sharp intellectual is born !
He can understand the esoteric
Skill in arts indicated ! 


If Rahu be in House Fourth
Mother becomes longlived.


If Jupiter be in Second
Will be master of Vedas !
If Jove be powerful in exaltation
Will be highly skilled !

If the lord of the Second and Jove
Be in angles or trines
Will be master of sciences
And will be revered by all !
If Mars and Moon be
In House Second
A religious instructor
Or a scholar indicated.
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