Vedic Astrology Lesson 87 

                                                                                     Of Regal Yogas


What are Raja Yogas ? Raja means regal and the natives born under Raja Yogas will have a regal life. Can Raja Yogas confer power political ? Not necessarily.  A scholar or a poet can be born under Raja Yogas. Fame itself is power !
In the horoscopes of many British Sovereigns, Jupiter is angular. He is either rising or culminating. So Jupiter is a King Maker ! What about Mars ? Mars and Saturn were exalted in the horoscope of Emperor Nero, thereby proving the dictum that when cruel planets are exalted, a cruel King is born, kroora mathir maheepathi.  Jupiter was exalted in the horoscope of the Shah of Iran.  Also in the horoscope of Augustus Caesar !

So many combinations are given in text books about Regal Yogas. We give some verses of  Vedanga  Jyothisha here.

If the Tenth House and Lord
Be powerful, Regal Yoga results !
If that lord receives aspects benefic
Raja Yoga is confirmed.
If four planets are exalted
Angular or in trines
Great is the Raja Yoga
Which will make the native king !
Lucky the horoscopian becomes
If the lords of angles and trines
Are powerful, if the lords of 4 5
Or 7 5,  9 10 are conjunct !

If Mercury and Jove together
Are in 2 5 9 or 10
The native becomes fortunate
And enjoys status regal !
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If the Nodal Axis occurs
In angles or trines
With any wanderers or planets
Regal  Raja Yoga indicated !
Regal, again, if there is sign interchange
Between lords of Nine and Ten
Or if they be  from Lagna
In Houses Two, Five, Nine, Ten !

If Mars or the Sun be
Dominant on the Meridien
If the Tenth Lord be angular
Or trinal, Raja Yoga results !
If Jupiter and the Moon be
In Sama Sapthama, 1/7
Raja Yoga can be predicted
As they aspect mutually !
If natural benefics be
In Angles and if malefics
Natural be in trines
Raja Yoga indicated !
If Saturn and Rahu be
In Ninth from Jupiter
Raja Yoga indicated
Such is Astrology's decree !
If 6 7 8 from Moon
Is tenanted by benefics
Bhagya Yoga indicated
Thus say the wise ! Eastro Vedica's Social Media Profiles