Vedic Astrology Lesson 86  

    Bhagya or Fortunate Yogas


The most important House in Astrology is the Ninth House, as it deals with Fortune or Bhagya. It is said that Kunti prayed to the Lord to grant her fortunate children and not scholars or soldiers.  


Here we give some verses for Bhagya Yoga.
If the Ninth lord be in
Eleventh and if the lord of 11
Be in House Ninth
Bhagya Yoga indicated !
If all malefics be
In 3, 8 and Eleven
Fortunate the native becomes
Such is Astrology's decree !


The significations of the planets
That tenant the Twelfth
Those significations  get fostered
Such is Astrology's decree !
If the lords of 4,7,9 and Venus
Be in Eleventh or Ninth
And receive  aspect Saturnine
Fortunate the native becomes !
If the lords of the 4th and Ascendant
Be angular, fortune indicated
During their periods/subperiods
Native enjoys  fame and wealth
If a planet be exalted
And is in Fifth or Ninth
Fortunate the native becomes
Such is Astrology's decree !

Swochhopago Bhagy Grihe cha Bhogo
Narasya Jatham Kuruthe cha Lakshmya New Page 5
If  Sun, Mercury and Venus
Tenanth the Lakshmi Sthana
The House Fifth, with Jove in Eleven
Wealth and fame grace the native !
If Sun and the lord of the Ninth
Be in House of Expenditure
The Twelfth, native enjoys
Legacy from father !
If the Sun be exalted in Aries,
Father becomes fortunate
If he be in Libra debilitated
Ill fortune grace father of native !
But if Sagittarius rises
And Sun be debilitated
Native is blessed with wealth
Got as father's legacy!
If Moon be in the Twelfth
Gain from mother indicated !
If Venus be in the Twelfth
Gain from wife indicated !
If Mars be in the Twefth
Gain from brother indicated
Kuje Vyaye Sthitho yasya
Bhrathru bhagyam udheeritham !

If the lords of the Ninth and the Seventh
Be in mutual interchange,parivartana
Native will have gains via wife
And will be self made !
If Jupiter be the lord of the Fifth
And if he be exalted in Cancer
Native's children reach high positions
Such is Astrology's decree !
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