Vedic Astrology Lesson 85   

                                                                              Health Yogas


Amongst the triune blessings of Life, Health, Wealth and Wisdom, Health is foremost, Labhena Sreya Arogyam. A healthy cobbler is better than a sick King.

Health Yogas are very important in Astrology. Let us analyse what are the Health Yogas explained in Vedanga Jyothisha.
The divine Jupiter rising
Or if Jove  be with the lord
Of Ascendant lord angular
Health Yoga indicated !
If Saturn be with the lord
Of the Seventh, or if the
Lord of the Seventh receives
Aspect Saturnine, result same.
If the death significator,  Saturn
Be in Eighth, high longevity
If the Eighth lord be with
The South Node, Ketu, low longevity!
If the significator of Father,
Sun, be with the lord of the Ninth
High longevity for father
Such are Astrology's decrees !
If the Sun or the Lord of the Ninth
Be in the House Ninth
Low longevity for Father
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Indicative science is Astro !
The dictum Karaka Bhavo Nasaya
That the signifcator destroys House
Is valid, Moon in the House Fourth
Destroys maternal longevity !
If the lord of the Ninth
Be in the House of Gains,
The Eleventh, the father lives long,
Such is Astrology's decree !
If Mars be in the Third
Brothers will have longevity low
If Jove tenants third
Will harm younger co-borns !
If Jupiter is lord of Third
And tenants Third House
The native will have one brother
Such is Astrology's decree !
Significator Destroys House
Jove in Fifth harms children
Venus in Seventh harms Wife
And reduces  their longevity.
If Moon and Fourth Lord
Be in House Ten, Eleventh
Of in the House Fifth
Mother's longevity is high !
If the Fourth Lord be
In House Fourth and if that Sign
Be powerful, Moolatrikona
High longevity for Mother !
If the Lord of the Fourth
And weak Luna be in Fourth
And receives aspect Saturnine
Mother's longevity is low !
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