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                                                                 Ninefold Intelligence Theory And Astrology

The Ninefold Intelligence Theory  corresponds to the Nine Revolving Heavens

The Theory of Multiple Intelligences, advanced by Howard Gardner,  states
that " mathematical and musical intelligences may share common thinking
processes". And that intelligence is ninefold.

As far as Astrology is concerned, certain planets rule certain fields. Mercury
rules Computing, Venus rules Music, Jupiter rules Wisdom etc. And these
can confer intelligence according to their significations.
Strong significators give intelligence related to their fields.
Generally the dictum
Malefics in 3,6,10,11 houses
Benefics in 1,4,7,10,5,9,2,11
Confer auspicious results
holds good in Natal Astrology.
Upachaya samstha papah
Soumya kendrathrikonadhanabhavaga

Intra personal intelligence which adorns poets & philosophers is imparted by

Jupiter is the planet of Wisdom and all arts and all sciences are
represented by him. ( Sarveshwaranam Dhishanesthi Nithyam ),

The poet is he in whom the holy spirit of man is most godlike. All  Overmind
Poetry flows from the Intuitive Mind. Intuition, the Eye of Wisdom, is the
mother of all poetry. Philosophy, the noble science, is represented by the noble planet,
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Jupiter angular is good for intra personal intelligence. Jupiter in trines
also giveth philosophic ability.

In the horoscopes of Yogis and poets, you will find Jupiter angular or
trinal. In the case of Aurobindo, He was rising. In Tagore's case he was in
the Fifth, a trine. In Tilak's case, he was in another trine, the Ninth.
Swami Ramdas, Lord Rama etc had angular Jupiter.

Inter personal intelligence which graces politicians & businessmen is
bestowed by Saturn and Sun.

Saturn was exalted in the horoscope of Emperor Nero. Also in the horoscope
of Augustus Caesar. Saturn is the planet of shrewdness and this factor is a
must for politicians and businessmen. Saturn in Sagittarius and Pisces is
powerful, as he is in the house of Jupiter. Saturn in Capricorn and Aquarius
is powerful as he is in his own house. Saturn in Libra is exalted and
bestows fame, Khyatho Soche.

Musical intelligence  is imparted by Venus

The mundane arts are ruled by Venus. Generally people listen to Musica
Mundana and an angular Venus is a gift to musicians. Venus exalted in Pisces
is a gift. Venus in Libra and Taurus is powerful. Venus is defined as Kavi, poet. 
Amongst poets, " I am Venus", kaveenam usana kavee, declares the Lord in the 
Geetha. Poetry is linked to Music !

Bodily Kinesthetic intelligence imparted by Mars

In the horoscope of Sachin Tendulkar, Mars was exalted. Also in the
horoscopes of  Wadekar, Gavaskar etc. Obvious that Mars confers Kinesthetic intelligence.

Arithmetic & logical intelligence  is imparted by Mercury

Mercury rules Mathematics, Relative Knowledge, Music, Sculpture and mundane
arts. His angular position is good for mathematical ability.

The Sun in Gemini confers mathematical ability. The dispositor of Gemini is
Mercury, who rules Mathematics.

Logical intelligence will be bestowed
By Sol in the Twins

Vidya Jyothisha Vithavan Mithunage
Bhanau Kuleera Sthithe

With mathematical ability
And with great gift of the gab
Is the native blessed
By  the Sun in Gemini !

Ganitha Sastra Kala mala Sheelatha
Sulalithathbhuta vak praditho bhavel

Naturalistic intelligence  is imparted by Moon

Farmers possess this ability. They know when to sow and when to reap.

Linguistic intelligence  is imparted by Jupiter

Angular Jupiter should be in the horoscopes of linguists and philologists
Jupiter rules command over any language. Jupiter as functional benefic can
do wonders for proficiency in language.

Existential intelligence,  which is the prerogative of the Divine,  is 
represented by Jupiter. It implies the sensitivity to tackle deep questions, like

what we are doing here, about the meaning of Life, why we die and what happens
next. The planet of Wisdom rules this intelligence.

Spatial intelligence ruled by the Sun

The Sun rules the eyes and an angular Sun can work wonders for those who interpret visual images in their profession. Can be graphic designers, programmers, web developers etc.

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