Vedic Astrology Lesson 82     


Verses of Longevity in Horary 



In Horary as well as in Natal, there will be questions like "What is the longevity of the native?".  Predicting longevity is not easy.   Vedanga Jyothisha gives many verses to answer this difficult question !

Know then that Natal and Horary both
Are same; Saravali, Hora, Manasagiri
All these texts should be studied
To prognosticate results, O Scholar !
If the lords of Ascendant and Eighth
Are friends, predict high longevity !
If neutral, medium longevity
And if enemies, low longevity
Same is the effect of Ascendant Lunar
And lord of the dreaded Eighth !
Lords of 64th lunar mansion and Lagna
Lords of lunar Navamsa and Lagna !
High longevity is conferred
If Kesari and Adhi Yogas are present !
Maha Purusha Yogas regal 
Bestow  1000 lunar months !
If the Eleventh gets more points
Than the House Twelfth
In the Eightfold Division, Ashta Varga
High longevity can be predicted !
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If Yogas Sunabha, Anabha
Dhurudhura, Vasumath
Are present in chart natal
Predict high longevity !
If the Longevity significator
Saturn be powerful
And the lord of the Eighth be powerful
Predict high longevity !
If Jupiter, Saturn, Venus
Are powerful, happiness is result !
If they are not
Sorrow will be more !
If the Moon has aspects
Benefic, happiness will be more
On the contrary aspects malefic
Bring sorrows galore, O Scholar !
If the lords of Ascendant
And the Lunar Ascendant
Are friends, happiness more
If not, sorrows more !
If birth occurs during day
And if Moon be in Signs
Friendly, aspected by Jove
Result is longevity, wealth, fame !

If birth occurs during night
And if Moon be in Signs
Friendly, aspected by Venus
Same is the result, O Scholar !
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