Vedic Astrology Lesson 81  By 

                                                             Verses about the Fifth House in Horary Astrology


We give below the verses about the House of Progeny or the Fifth House. The scholar will be asked the question "Will we have kids? If so, when?" !

These are verses, hidden in the great Sanskrit texts, unknown to many. Mythology Indian has 400 K verses and Siddhanta, Samhita and Hora have lakhs of verses like these. The Philosophia Indica is characterised by millions of such verses or Slokas !

Astronomy, Mathematics, Astrology, Logic and other sciences written in poetic form is Philosophia Vedica !

Aries rising
With Moon in Leo
Predominance of progeny female
Is indicated, O Scholar !
A malefic posited
In the House of Progeny
The Fifth House
Will destroy progeny !
Panchamastha Papasamstha
Putra nasam karothi balaheena
If a benefic be
Posited in the Fifth
The Eighth Lord excluded
There will be children !
Pisces ascending
And if Saturn be
In the Fifth, in Cancer
Lots of children indicated !
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If the lord of the Solar Logos,
The Sun, be posited therein
Lots of children indicated
Via a second wife !
If the fiery planet, Mars
Be posited in Cancer
In the Fifth House
Same result, O Scholar !
If Moon, females indicated
If Jupiter, same result !
If Mercury, less children
If Venus, same O Scholar !
If a natural malefic be powerful
In exaltation or  in own house
Be in the House of Progeny
Good children indicated !
If a benefic tenants the Fifth
Sorrow due to children !
If Leo is the Fifth Sign
Or the Ninth from Lagna
And if a benefic tenant Five
Children via third wife !
Virgo ascending
With Jupiter in the Fifth
Can cause devastation
As far as Children are concerned !
Scoripio rising
With Jupiter in the Fifth
Same result forecast
Cancelled if benefics tenant Ninth !
The Fifth lord in the Seventh
The Seventh lord in the Fifth
Are not  good at all
From the perspective of Progeny !
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