Vedic Astrology Lesson 80  By 

                                                                                                                          Verses of Horary Astrology


Horary Astrology is difficult indeed and many verses are given to aid the scholar to answer manifold questions. The significators, the houses, the aspects, association, exchange etc are taken into consideration for progrnostication. 


Of the Seventh House or the House of Marriage 

The association of Mars and Venus is  not considered good. The Seventh House receiving malefic aspects do not augur well. The Seventh lord in malefic signs and decanates are not considered good. The Seventh House must be free from malefic influences for a stable married life. 

The bride will be born in the Sign
Occupied by the Ascendant lord in D 9
Or in the Sign of the Seventh House
Or in the Sign occupied by the Seventh lord.
If the lord of the Seventh be powerful
Partner will be well off and religious
On the contary, if he be weak
Combust or debilitated
Partner will be in want and miserly
And not handsome too !
If the Moon be in Signs malefic
Either in Seventh or Twelfth
And if Venus be associated badly
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Fall via women indicated !
If the Descendant is Martian
Or Saturnine, or if the Seventh lord
Be in Martian or houses Saturnine
Wife's morals to be doubted !
If Venus be debilitated
In Virgo, or in Cancer
Aspected by Saturn
Native will be interested in servants .
If Venus be with Mars
Or aspected by Mars
Be in signs Martian
Native will be fond of women !

Jupiterian aspect can nullify
The two verses given above
If the Seventh lord be in the  Twelfth
If malefics tenant the Seventh
From Ascendant or Ascendant Lunar
Native will lose wife and child
If the North Node, Rahu and the Sun
Tenant the Seventh, House of Marriage
Native will destroy a lot of wealth
On account of women !
If Saturn and the Moon
Tenant the Seventh,
The House of Marriage
No happiness from wife or child !
Pisces ascending
If Jupiter be in Seventh in Virgo
And if a malefic tenants Gemini
Destruction of spouse indicated.
If Virgo rises
And Saturn be in the Seventh
And Sun tenants Ascendant
Loss of spouse indicated.
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