Vedic Astrology Lesson 79  


                                                                          Verses of Medical Horary Astrology


In Horary Medical Astrology, discerning the cause of the disease is very important. For this we have to anlayse the Eight House and its lord and the Sixth House and its lord. Not only from the Ascendant, but also from the Lunar Ascendant.

The Eighth and the Sixth lords
Are causers of disease!
If the Horary Ascendant be powerful
Disease due to Enemy
If the Eight House be powerful
Disease due to Humours triune !
If the Sixth lord be powerful
Disease due to enemy's designs
If the Eighth lord be powerful
Imbalance of the three humours !
From Aries, the Four Signs are called
Creation Quadrant; the next four
Are Preservation Quadrant and the rest four
Are Destruction Quadrant called !
The Cardinal Signs Four
Are Creation Signs, the fixed ones
Preservation Signs and the mutable
Destruction Signs called !
The First Zodiacal Constellation
Is Creatiion Star, the next
Preservation star and the next
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Destruction Star called !
Aswini, Creation Star,
Bharani, Preservation Star
And Karthika, destruction star !
Aswinyadyad Kramath Sarve
Srishti Sthithi Laya Smrithah
Tatra tarasu sarvasu
Madhyasthau Durithamsakau !
If the Triune Longitude, Trisphuta
Falls in destruction types
If it falls in 108th quarter
Or in 88th quarter, or in stars
3,5,7. Or if it falls
In Junctional Points
The end points of Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces
Or in the 8th Sign of querent
Negativity is indicated !
No Shobhanam Trisphutam !
If Trisphuta falls in the Junctional Point
Of Cancer, only one month for the patient!
If Scorpio, days thirty
And if Pisces, only one day !
The Twelve Signs of the Zodiac
Represent the Twelve Limbs of Time
Aries His Head and Pisces His feet
Predict disease in that part
That Sign which rises at Horary
In the Limb of the Cosmic Man,
Kala Purusha or Time Eternal  called
Who lies coiled like a dolphin
Along the mighty Zodiac !

Kala purushanga rasau
Yatraroodayo cha samprashtu
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