Vedic Astrology Lesson 78        

                                                                                                                                                     Yogas for incarceration              


The 12th House rules incarceration and Loss. If malefics tenant the 12th House, indications are bad. Or if the House of Loss is aspected by malefics.

If the Ascending Degree
Falls in decanates, Saturnine or serpentine
And if Moon and Saturn aspects same
Incarceration indicated !
If Saturnine decanate rises
And if North Node tenant First
And receives aspect of Saturn and Luna
Incarceration looms large !
If Saturn tenants malefic signs
In 5,9,4,8,7 houses
And receives malefic aspects
Incarceration certain !

If the House of Incarceration
Is tenanted by planets malefic
And does not receive aspects benefic
High risk is indicated !

Jove's aspect is the redeeming Grace
An angular Jupiter can save
Also angular Mercury and Venus
If they aspect the Twelfth !


In the horoscope of Tippu Sultan, he had a Raja or Regal Yoga in the 12th House. He ruled as a King for some time, but since this Raja Yoga had occurred in the 12th, it was subject to cancellation and he lost his head. Similar was the case of Zulfikar Ali Bhutto !


Comparison of Stellar Dispositor and Ascendant Lord

The Ascendant is the Rising Sign and stellar dispositor is the planet that rules the constellation tenanted by the Moon.


The strengths of the two  are compared here. This is another
diagnostic tool. If both are strong, Happiness  will be the result.
If both are weak Sorrow  is the result. If both are friends - Sukha
If both are enemies - Dukha.
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The strength of planets is computed by the Sixfold Method and these are the strengths in units of 60 got, in one horary case, for the two planets.

The Stellar Dispositor/Janma Nakshatradhipa is    RAHU     379.60 units of Sixty.
The Ascendant Lord /Lagnadhipa is                      VENUS    508.80 units of Sixty.
We will now deal with the effects of malefics posited in Houses from the Horary Ascendant, Aroodha.
It is common knowledge that malefics vitiate the houses they occupy. There are natural malefics and functional malefics. One should use discretion and prudence while evaluating natural and functional malefics. For instance, if Saturn is posited in the House of Happiness or Fourth, it can be predicted that the querent's mental peace will be  vitiated. If Mars tenants  the House of Enemies, it indicates problems from enemies.
This is a sample computed by our program for one horary hour.


Planet Disease 
None No Planet in Horary Ascendant, Aroodha 
KETU Danger to the Querent's Wealth & House
None No Planet in 5 H 
None No Planet in 6 H 
None No Planet in 7 H
SATURN Danger to the Querent's Longevity
None No Planet in 9 H
VENUS Querent is lucky for Venus is in 10 H  
SUN Danger to the Querent's Labha
GULIKA Danger to the Querent's Wealth- Expenditure
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