Vedic Astrology Lesson 77    

                                                                                                                   About the House of Spouse                                                                         



In Astrology Vedic, the Seventh House represents the House of Marriage ( Vivaha Mithuna loka bharya bharthru samagama...). The nature of the Life Partner, his/her longevity and general characteristics are discerned from the Descendant or the Seventh House.


These verses deal with the House of Marriage.
The Seventh House  powerful
Indicates a partner wealthy
If Venus or Jove tenant Seventh
A noble partner indicated.
If benefics tenant Seventh
A religious and well off spouse
If malefics tenant Seventh
Destruction of spouse indicated !
If Saturn and Moon be in Seventh
Spouse will go after another
May be after partner's death
Or when he is alive !
If Venus be in Seventh
Lots of partners indicated
Also Luna in Seventh
And if Seventh be powerful !
Fair partner if Venus or Jove
Tenant the House of Marriage !
Medium if fiery planets and Moon
Occupy the important Seventh !
If Mars be in Seventh
Separation indicated
Mars aspected by Saturn
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Indicates death of partner !
If Mars and Venus tenant Seven
Abnormality may result
Or if they be in Fifth or Ninth
Same result can be forecast
If natural benefics be
In Seventh, only one life partner !
Or if they are with Moon
Same result indicated !
If Jupiter be in Seventh House
Native will be blessed with good partner
If Saturn be in Seventh
Will approach a lot of women !
If Taurus is rising
And if Venus be in Seventh
Loss of wife and children
May be the result !
Cancer ascending, Jove in Seventh
Loss of partner certain
Also if weak Fifth lord in Seventh
Or Seventh Lord in Fifth !
If weak Eighth lord be
In the House of Marriage
Destruction of spouse
Also less enjoyments
If Capricorn rises
And Mars along with Saturn
Be in the House of Spouse
Famous will be partner !

Be careful while predicting
Check the strengths and weaknesses
Predict negativity in cases weak
Powerful planets do no harm !
Remarriage Yoga
This Yoga results when the House of Marrige is vitiated by malefics and when they are associated with benefics.
Agneyer Vidhavastha Rasi Sahithai
Mishrai Punarbhoo Bhaveth
In Horary, regarding queries about partners, one should take the Seventh House as the Ascendant and think from there. If the Seventh lord be powerful and aspected by benefics, the partner will be well off. If Jupiter aspects the Seventh or is posited in the Seventh, a religious spouse is indicated. If Moon, a fair spouse. If Saturn, he or she will be dark complexioned. If Mars, strong and powerful.
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