Vedic Astrology Lesson 76    

                                                                Of Directional Influences & Prediction of Death



It is the period of directional influence which determines the time, favourable or unfavourable, of the native.

So Dasas or directional influences play a pivotal role in Vedic Astrology, whether it be in Horary or Natal. In Natal Astrology, the 120 Year Cycle, Vimshottari Dasa is used generally. When the Moon's Navamsa dispositor is strong, Kala Chakra is used. And in Horary the Dasa of the Triune Longitude, Trisphuta Dasa, a 360 days cycle, is used.
A planet associated with another planet will not give beneficent effects during the beginning or end of its reign.
The cusp between two Dasas is called a Dasa Sandhi. The cusp between Venus and the Sun is bad for females. Cusp between the North Node and Jupiter is bad for males. And the cusp between Mars and Rahu for all.
At the end of the periods of Saturn, Rahu, Mars and the Sun, there will be disease, loss and quarrels. If that planet is defeated in planetary war or be in the 8th, dealth is indicated. The scholar should use his discretion, find out the strength of planets and if weak, predict negativity.
The periods of malefic planets always bring inauspicious results. The lords of 3,5,7 stars devastate the native. Also the eighth lord. Their periods and sub-periods can only bring ruin and bad health for the native.
If the Eighth lord ( who rules longevity ) and the lord of the 22nd decanate be weak and if posited in 6,7,8 houses, maximum inauspicousness will be conferred. Those houses suffer devastation.
On the positive side, if all malefics tenant the Upachayas ( houses and if all benefics tenant angles and trines, those planets will confer auspicousness during their periods and sub periods.
These are malefics in the horoscope.  Saturn, Mandeeshwara ( lord of the Sign occupied by Gulika ), lord of the 22nd decanate, Eighth lord & their Navamsa lords . If the native is running the Dasa of the weakest of them and if Transit Saturn is adverse, death can be predicted.
In Horay and Natal, one can expect this question. "When will my mother in law peg out ?"  They may not ask like that, but the question will be " What about the longevity of my in laws?"

Death can be predicted
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When Transit Sun transits the Sign
Tenanted by the Eighth Lord
When Transit Moon transits the Sign
Tenanted by the Sun
Find out  64th Lunar Mansion, Navamsa, from the Birth Lunar Mansion or the Moon's Lunar Mansion. Find out the Sign and when that Sign rises, death can ravage.

When Moon transits the Solar Star ( the constellation tenanted by the Sun ), or the constellation tenanted by the Eighth lord, Birth Star,3,57 Stars, Vainashikas like 108th lunar mansion, 88th Lunar Mansion, death can ensue.
When Transit Saturn traverses
The Signs of the malefics functional
Or when He trines them
Death may loom large !
Find out the weakest
Amongst Gulika, Moon
Lord of 22nd decanate,
The Eight lord from Ascendant
And also Ascendant Lunar
When Transit Saturn trines
The weakest amongst them
Death may ensue !
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