Vedic Astrology Lesson 75     

                                                                            Electional Hours for Medicare 



Health is wealth and we have to protect our bodies. When diseases afflict us, we have to turn to Medicine.

Electional Astrology can give us the best auspicious hours for the taking in of medicines and for Surgery.There should be Navama Shuddhi or the Ninth House should be free from malefics. The Ninth lord should also be powerful.
These are the stars identified to be Uthama or Excellent for Medicine
Other stars are Varjya, to be renounced.
Auspicious Weekdays
Updtide is recommended for the convalescing period.
Downtide is recommended for strengthening the body.
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Amongst the Nithya Doshas, Visha, Ushna, Vishti, Gandantha,  Gulika Rising, malefics rising, malefic aspects on the Electional Ascendant, 8th Moon Sign, Karthru Doshas, 8th Moon and 3,5,7 stars from Birth Star are to be avoided.
Definition of Karthru Doshas
Never the 88th Quarter nor the 108th
Renounce the First Third Fifth & Seventh Stars !
Also the 8th Sign From Ascendant!
Also 8th from the Ascendant Lunar
The lunar mansions posited therein
Star quarters owned by Venus
Lunar mansions owned by malefics
These are Karthru Doshas called !
The Sun represents the Eye of the Cosmic Man or the Zodiacal Man or Kalapurusha, who lies coiled from Aries to Pisces in fhe form of a dolphin, Shishumara Swaroopa.  For treatment of the eyes, the position of the Sun is very important.


About the concept of Self as Space Eternal or Viswa Purusha, the great poet Melpathur  wrote

The constellations are His teeth
The rivers His blood , His hair Clouds,
His Eyes the Sun,  Luna His Mind
And His voice the voice of  Sages Divine !


The constellation tenanted by the Sun and the 2,3,4,26,27,28 stars from that stars are known as blind stars, Andhabha. They should be eschewed. The star Abhijith is included in this grouping.
From the constellation tenanted by the Sun, let us say the Solar Star, the next 5,6,7,14,15,16,23,24,25 are called One Eyed or Kanabha  stars.
From Solar Star,9,10,11,12,13,17,18,19,20,21,22 are called Two Eyed or Dwinetra Stars. They are auspicious while the blind stars and the one eyed stars are to be avoided for Medicare.
Summing up
Avoid Birth Star, malefics in 8,12
Avoid the triune Janma,1,10,19
Days of Woten, Thor, Sun, Mars
Are auspicious indeed !


Chitra, Aswini, Rohini, Mrigasira
Swati, Aridra, Satabhisha
Pushya and Sravana are good
Eschew other Stars !


For relief from disease Downtide
For strengthening, Uptide
Avoid Visha, Ushna, Vishti, Gandantha
Malefics rising, 8th Lunar Sign
Avoid 3,5,7 stars & Eighth Moon
Pure should be Ninth House
Also the lord of the Ninth!
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