Vedic Astrology Lesson 74    

The Eternal Doshas of Electional Astrology         


In this article, we will deal with the Eternal Doshas, Nitya Doshas of Electional Astrology.  

We have already defined Gandantha and the other Doshas which are the Nine Afflictions. Also the Rising of Gulika and Solar ingresses. They are all part of the Eternal Doshas.  However, there are other Doshas which are part of 19 Nitya Doshas.
They are
1) Meteor falling, Ulpatha
Seeing a meteor falling is considered inauspicious. Three days to be renounced.
2)Earthquakes, Urvee Chalana
Three days to be renounced.
3) Eclipse, Uparaga
Three days to be renounced.
4) Aspect of Venus, Sitha Drik
The aspect of Venus is considered baneful, as he is the preceptor of the demons and represent vicious sciences, in contrast to Jupiter, who rules divine,psychic sciences. Venus should not be in the Seventh House from the Electional Ascendant.
5) Sayanhas ( Diurnal Duration divided by Five )
As a day is divided by 5, we get Five Sayanhas. They are called
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Only 47 Vinadis, Vinazhikas ( 47*24 seconds ) should be renounced at the end of the all the Sayanhas.
6) Sandhyas
Prata Sandhya ( before Sunrise 6*24 minutes, Roudri )
Madhyanha Sandhya ( before, 10*24 seconds, Brahmi )
Sayanthana Sandhya ( after Sunset 6*24 minutes, Paisachi )
Ardha Ratri Sandhya (after, 10* 24 seconds, Rakshasee )


These times are Varjya, to be renounced.
The Auspicious Abhijit Muhurta

Abhijith is the 28th constellation and is considered male, in contrast to the 27 wives of the Moon, the 27 constellations which tenant the Ecliptic, which are considered female. Mythology has it that Moon used to stay with his 27 wives and loved Rohini more. He is exalted in Taurus.  Abhijith starts from 6 deg 40 minutes, Sidereal Capricorn and extends upto 10 deg 53 min 40 seconds in that Zodiacal Sign. 

A Muhurta is 48 minutes or 2 Nadis ( 2* 24 minutes ).  Diurnal or nocturnal duration is divided by 12 and we get 15 Muhurtas in a day.  The 8th Muhurtha occurring  in a day is the auspicious Abhijith Muhurtha.
In Abhijit Muhurtha, only 10*24 seconds are Varjya, to be renounced.


In other words, the Eternal Doshas or Nithya Doshas are these 6 + 9 ( Nava Doshas ) + Gulika Rising + Moon in houses adverse + Mirtyu Yoga + Ashubha Yoga, a total of 19 factors. These 19 negative factors constitute Nithya Doshas and should be renounced for all electional hours. The Daivajna, the knower of the Divine, the astro scholar should avoid these Nitya Doshas. 
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