Vedic Astrology Lesson 73

                                                             Electional Hours for the Beginning of Education



Education or Wisdom is the greatest  and without it man becomes an animal. "Wisdom is greater than riches, all things desirable are not comparable to Her" said Solomon. " There is nothing in this world which can be compared to Wisdom" says the Geetha.  


Beauty, character, aristocratic behaviour - all these are wealth indeed. But without Wisdom all these cannot shine .  




Sundaropi Susheelopi
Kuleenopi Maha Dhana
Shobhathe na vina vidhyam
Vidhya Sarvasya Bhooshanam
So prime importance is given to Education in Vedic Civilization. Hence the best electional hour has to be selected for the start of Education or Vidya Arambha
These stars are great for the start of Education.

These four stars are known as Kshipra Taras. 

Kshipram smritham pushya tara hastashwinabhijith thada 


These stars are Excellent or Uthama for Vidya Arambha.
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These stars are Madhyma or Good for Vidya Arambha.




For all electional hours, the Ninth Lunation, Navami,   is eschewed. But not for Education.  Na Navamee Varjya ... meaning that Navami is auspicious for the start of Education.

The planet of Education, Mercury should not be combust ( He should not be within 13 degrees from the Sun ).

Mars in the Eighth from the Electional Ascendant,  Muhurtha Lagna  and malefics in Second and Fifth Houses are inasupicious. The Birth Star of the native is also taboo.

The Nitya, Karthru and Shad Doshas should be renounced for all electional hours.


The Auspicious Zodiacal Signs Rising

Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius are the Signs which are auspicious.

The Fixed Signs, Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius,  are inauspicious.

Inauspicious & Auspicious  Week Days

The days of Moon, Mars and Saturn, Monday, Tuesday and Saturday are to be renounced. The day of Mercury, the planet of Education, Wednesday, is Excellent and the days of Freya, Friday and Thor, Thursday, are Uthama or very good.

On Vijaya Dasami day ( on the 10th Lunation of the Festival of Nine Nights ), all can start Education. All hours are auspicious on that glorious day. One should propitiate the Goddess of Education, Saraswathi, on the Ninth Lunation Day, Navami, in the lunar month of Aswina ( when the Full Moon occurs near Aswini, the first constellation ).



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