Vedic Astrology Lesson 72     

                                                                                                        Electional Auspicious Hours for Starting a House 


A house is the cherished dream of every man. After one gets a job and gets married, the next step is the acquisition of a house.
Those who follow the Wisdom of the Heavens will be careful about selecting auspicious times for building a house. Auspicious electional hours are selected to avoid inauspicious events, which may plague the family later on.
Griha Arambha or Time for construction of new house
Certain sidereal months are to be avoided for starting Griha Arambha, for inhabiting a house.The sidereal month of Cancer, for example. The Cardinal Signs, Aries, Cancer, Libra and Pisces are to be avoided and the other 8 signs are auspicious.
The Sun in the Pleiades constellation, Karthika, in Cancer, in mutable Signs, Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces - are all to be avoided.

There should be Chathurtha Shuddhi, that is, malefics should not inhabit the House of Home and Happiness, the Fourth.
Amongst the Half Lunations ( Karanas ), Simha ( Lion ) and Vyaghra  ( Tiger ) are to be avoided. Mars in the Eighth is also inauspicious. So is Sun in the Ascendant.
Sunday and Tuesday are to be avoided. The 3,5, 7 stars of the house owner should be renounced. Also his Karthru Doshas. Also Gulika Rising and Moon in 6,8,12 houses.

Griha Pravesha or Time of  Entry into the New House
Three sidereal months, Cancer, Virgo and Aquarius are inauspicious which means that the other nine months are auspicious.

These are the stars which are auspicious for Griha Arambha
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Magha and Moola plus the 16 stars which are auspicious for Food Giving ( Anna Prasna )


Non Shuddhi means the Dosha or affliction is there and our program lists ten  negative factors for both Griha Arambha and Pravesh. The electional astrologer can know at a glance what negative factors are there from his lap ! In this example, only one negative factor is there for Griha Arambha ! 

No    Dosha       Yes/No       Purpose                                          

40 Ashubha Star NIL GrihaArambha  
41 Lagna Non-Shuddhi NIL GrihaArambha
42 Masa Non-Shuddhi NIL GrihaArambha
43 Nakshatra Non-Shuddhi NIL GrihaArambha
44 Karana Dosha NIL GrihaArambha
45 Chathurtha Non-Shuddhi NIL GrihaArambha
46 Mars in the 8th Dosha NIL GrihaArambha
47 Sun in the Asc Dosha NIL GrihaArambha
48 Masa Non Shuddhi NIL GrihaPravesha
49 Vara Dosha Yes Griha Arambha



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