Vedic Astrology Lesson 188 

                   The Bhukthis of  Jupiter   Dasa


In the Bhukti of  Jupiter
During  Jupiter  Dasa
In his Swa Apahara
Fortune of a high order
Beauty ravishing
Respects galore
Gain of children good
Royal favor
Happiness of Gurus
And people good
Fulfillment of desires
And virtues galore
Can be experienced !
In the Bhukti of  Saturn
During Jupiter  Dasa
Problems occurring
Due to interaction with the profligate
Due to alcoholism
Problems with Happiness
Domestic problems
Problems to quadruped
Fear and monetary loss
Diseases of the eyes
Affliction to children
Vindictive mentality
Affliction to mind
Affliction to profession
Are indicated !
In the Bhukti of  Mercury
During Jupiter  Dasa
Sorrows due to gambling
Sorrows due to women
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Sorrows due to alcoholism
If Mercury be powerful
Gain of children
Gain of largesse
And other comforts
Are indicated !
In the Bhukti of  Ketu
During Jupiter  Dasa
Wounds from weapons
Enmity from subordinates
Mental afflictions
Affliction to near and dear
Separation from relatives
Separation from preceptors
Or death ineluctable
Are all indicated !
In the Bhukti of  Venus
During Jupiter  Dasa
Increase in devotion
To preceptors and Deity
Gain of largesse
Gain of quadruped
Gain of agriculture
Gain of domestic instruments
Gain of jewels and ornaments
Are indicated !
In the Bhukti of  Sun
During Jupiter  Dasa
Victory over enemies
Gain of royal presents
Fame, Valor, conveyances
Gain of wealth
And other virtues
Are indicated !

In the Bhukti of  Moon
During Jupiter  Dasa
Increase in girl friends
Destruction of enemies
Gain of largesse
Gain of land and house
Gain of agri prosperity
Gain of fame and name
Gain of Grace Divine
And subsequent gains
Are indicated !
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