Vedic Astrology Lesson 187 

  The Bhukthis of Rahu Dasa


In the Bhukti of  Ketu
During Rahu Dasa
Affliction from enemies
Affliction from fire
Affliction from weapons
Weakness in body
Unhappiness to friends
Unahppiness to relatives
Afflictions from poison
Affliction from wounds
Enmity with relatives
Are all indicated !
In the Bhukti of  Venus
During Rahu Dasa
Gain of girl friends
Gain of conveyances
Gain of quadruped
Gain of agri land
Affliction due to Vata and Kapha
Enmity with near and dear
Gain of jewels and dress
Are all indicated !
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In the Bhukti of  Sun
During   Rahu Dasa
Affliction by enemies
Affliction to eyes
Torment from fire
Torment from weapons
Crises galore
Gain of wife and kids
Facing critical situations
Are all indicated !
In the Bhukti of  Moon
During Rahu Dasa
Affliction to wife
Affliction to mind
Quarrels and strife
Lessening of business
Agriculture, wealth
Progeny, quadruped
Sorrows to relatives
Fear of water
Are all indicated !
In the Bhukti of  Mars
During Rahu Dasa
Fear of Government
Fear of fire
Fear of thieves
Death or diseases painful
Transfer of residence
Mental afflictions
Afflictions to heart
Diseases of the eyes
Are indicated !
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