Vedic Astrology Lesson 183  

Of Planetary Periods and Sub Periods


In the Bhukti of Saturn
During Sun's Dasa
Loss of son
Destruction of wealth
Disease to wife
All sorts of expenses unnecessary
Transfer of residence
Diseases due to Kapha
Enmity with all
Laziness, fear of blood
Anger of Government
All sorts of afflictions
Are indicated !
In the Bhukti of Mercury
During Sun's Dasa
All sorts of diseases afflict
Diseases of the digestive tract
Gas in abdomen
Pain in abdomen
Destruction of land
Affliction by relatives
Alternating bouts of pain and pleasure
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Are indicated !
In the Bhukti of Ketu
During Sun's Dasa
Enmity with kith and kin
Fear of enemies
Destruction of wealth
Tranfer of residence
Affliction to Father
Affliction to Gurus
Afflction to head
Rheumatoid arthritis
Are indicated !
In the Bhukti of Venus
During Sun's Dasa
Affliction to head
Affliction to stomach
Destruction to agriculture
Domestic problems
Affliction to near and dear
Love for women wicked
Gain of largesse
Are indicated !
Those negativities manifest
When the lords are weak
Lords of Dasa and Bhukti
So be careful while prognosticating !
In the Bhukti of Moon
During Moon's Dasa
Gain of wife and kids
Gain of good clothes
Interactions with the great
Enjoyment of pleasures sensory
Gain to mother
Are all indicated !
In the Bhukti of Mars
During Moon's Dasa
Diseases due to Pitha
Fear of Fire
Afflictions galore
Afflictions by enemies
Fear of thieves
Afflictions to wealth and fame
Are all indicated !
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