Vedic Astrology Lesson 182  

                                                                                Of Planetary Periods and Sub Periods


In the Dasa of the Sun
And in his own Bhukti
Favour from the Govt
Travel in forests or mounts
Gain of largesse
Are all indicated !
If the Sun is malefic
Diseases due to heat
Loss of father
And sorrows galore
Indicated !
In the Bhukti of the Moon
In the Dasa of the Sun
Destruction of enemies
And of sorrows
Gain of wealth
Prosperity in agriculture
Construction of house
Favor of relatives
All indicated !
In the Bhukti of Mars
During the Dasa of the Sun
Affliction by diseases
Transfer of residence
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Affliction by enemies
Wounds, enmity from kith and kin
Anger of Govt
Loss of wealth
Are all indicated !

If Mars is benign
Gain of money and jewels
Lordship over lands
Favor of Government
All may accrue !
In the Bhukti of Rahu
During Suns's Dasa
Increase in enemies
Crises galore
All sorts of calamities
Destruction of wealth
Diseases of eyes, head
Affliction by relatives
Transfer of residence
Fear of death
Such negativities indicated !
In the Bhukti of Jove
During Sun's Dasa
Destruction of enemies
All sors of gains economic
Devotion to preceptors
Favor from relatives
Gains from children
Gain of good Karma
Diseases of eye, nose and throat
All indicated !
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