Vedic Astrology Lesson 179 

  Of Planetary Periods or Dasas V


In the Dasa of the Tenth lord
Problems will be surmounted
Life with happiness
With fame everlasting


With wealth good
With righteous actions
With earned respect
All these are indicated !
In the Dasa of the Eleventh lord
Prosperity increases
Without much impediments
Influx of favorable relatives


Increase of subordinates
Increase of admirers
Increase of enjoyments
In the Dasa of the Twelfth lord
Will spend for good people
Will do auspicious acts
Which will destroy sins


Will earn respect of the regal
So say the wise !
The above results enunciated
Above, holds good for planets powerful\


Planets exalted
Planets retrograde
In places good
In angles and trines

In houses own

And not otherwise !
Know that results are baneful
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If planets are debilitated

Planets weak

In the Sixfold Analysis !
Planets in inimical signs
Planets in inimical Amsas

Planets in trika, evil houses

In Six, Eight and Twelve !
The sub period is known as Bhukti
In the bhukti of a planet
In the sixth from Dasa lord
Will be baneful, bad
Or in the Sixth from Lagna
Or in the SIxth from Lagna lord
Same results foreseen !
Affliction by enemies
Transfer of job, residence
Enmity from relatives
All are indicated !
If the Bhukti lord
Is in Houses Trika,
Six, Eight, Twelve
Sorrow will be conferred !
In other houses
Happiness and wellness !
The Bhukti lord will impart
Significations of that house
He tenants !
If he be in the Ninth
From the Dasa lord
He will confer Fortune !
Think of other Houses
This way !
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