Vedic Astrology Lesson 179 

  Of Planetary Periods or Dasas V


In the Dasa of the Tenth lord
Problems will be surmounted
Life with happiness
With fame everlasting
With wealth good
With righteous actions
With earned respect
All these are indicated !
In the Dasa of the Eleventh lord
Prosperity increases
Without much impediments
Influx of favorable relatives
Increase of subordinates
Increase of admirers
Increase of enjoyments
All indicated !
In the Dasa of the Twelfth lord
Will spend for good people
Will do auspicious acts
Which will destroy sins
Will earn respect of the regal
So say the wise !
The above results enunciated
Above, holds good for planets powerful\
Planets exalted
Planets retrograde
In places good
In angles and trines
In houses own
And not otherwise !
Know that results are baneful
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If planets are debilitated
Planets weak
In the Sixfold Analysis !
Planets in inimical signs
Planets in inimical Amsas
Planets in trika, evil houses
In Six, Eight and Twelve !
The sub period is known as Bhukti
In the bhukti of a planet
In the sixth from Dasa lord
Will be baneful, bad
Or in the Sixth from Lagna
Or in the SIxth from Lagna lord
Same results foreseen !
Affliction by enemies
Transfer of job, residence
Enmity from relatives
All are indicated !
If the Bhukti lord
Is in Houses Trika,
Six, Eight, Twelve
Sorrow will be conferred !
In other houses
Happiness and wellness !
The Bhukti lord will impart
Significations of that house
He tenants !
If he be in the Ninth
From the Dasa lord
He will confer Fortune !
Think of other Houses
This way !
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