Vedic Astrology Lesson 178 

  Of Planetary Periods or 


In the Dasa of the Fourth Lord,
Gains from relatives,
Agri ventures succeeding,
And Interactions with women.


Gain of  conveyances,
Gain of agri land,
Gain of houses,
And gain of largesse.


In the Dasa of Fifth Lord,
Gain of children,
Happiness from relatives,
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Gain of ministerial status.


Gain of respect,
Gain of good food,
Acceptance of Virtues,
Are indicated !
In the Dasa of the Sixth lord,
Destruction of enemies, fearlessness,
Lack of diseases, prosperity,
Being liberal & Altruistic.


In the Dasa of the Seventh lord,
Gain of glorious dress,
Gain of ornaments and jewels,
Gain of magnificent beds.

Falls in love with wife,

Attends auspicious events,
Indulges in happy travel,
Are some results indicated !

In the Dasa of the Eighth lord,

Will pay off loans,
Rise in status professional,
Sucess in quarrels.


Gain  of Happiness

Gain of cattle,
Gain of subordinates,
Are results indicated !

In the Dasa of the Ninth lord

Happiness from wife and children
Appreciation from relatives
Enjoying a lot of fortunes

Doing righteous acts       

Appreciation by Government
Recipient of Grace Divine
And general prosperity
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