Vedic Astrology Lesson 177


 Of Planetary Periods or Dasas IV


During the Dasa of Saturn,
Native will be afflicted by ills,
Destruction of agriculture,
And arguments with the bad.


Proximity with women,
Loss of subordinates,
Residence in other countries,
Destruction to own people.


Destruction to land,
Destruction to happiness,
Dissipation of wealth,
All are indicated !


During the Dasa of Rahu,
Fear of Government.
Fear of thieves.
Fear of fire.


Unhappiness due to children,
Lapses in concentration,
Loss of relatives,
Ignominy from the vicious.


Great calumny,
Transfer of residence,
Enmity due to words,
Diseases in leg.


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During the Dasa of Ketu,
Fear due to enemies,
Obstacles in Profession,
Are indicated !


Fear due to thieves,
Fear of Government.
Wounds due to weapons,
Diseases due to heat.


Moving away from domicile

From place of domicile.
In the Dasa of powerful Lagna lord,
Fame immortal will accrue to you,



Happy and contented you will be,
Strength of body indicated
Lustre of body,
All these will increase.
In the Dasa of powerful Second lord,
Gains in family,
Influx of good daughters,
And  gain of good foods.

Those words will shine,

Such is the power of the second lord !  
In the Dasa of powerful Third lord,
Gains from brothers,


Circumstance to hear news good,
Virility and commandership,
Righteous pride,
Will be the helper of relatives.
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