vedic astrology lesson                

                                                                            Vedic Astrology Lesson 176 

                                                                                 Of Planetary Periods or Dasas III


Sun's Dasa is characterised
By quarrels, royal disfavor
Diseases of own people
Panic, vengeful thoughts
Suppressing of anger fiery
Destruction of wealth
And destruction of grains


Affliction by wife and kids
Affliction by Fire
Are naturally ordained !


During Moon's Dasa
Mental equanimity
Fulfillment of all desires
Satisfaction for taste buds
Enjoyment with wife
Good dress and ornaments
Acquisition of jewels
Acquisition of land
Are natural !
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Depending on the strengths
And weaknesses of the Moon
Know that from the Sixfold !
During Mar's Dasa
Problems due to Fire
Problems due to Government
Problems due to War
Problems due to Medicines
Wealth due to cruel acts
By cheating and doublecrossing
Problems due to blood
Quarrels with kith and kin
Quarrels with wife and kids
Anger of Guru Divine 
And jealousy supreme
Indicated !

The Dasa of Mercury
Is characterised 

By the influx of relatives

General Happiness
Eulogised by scholars
Fame and Guru's Grace
Conversational ability
Love of Altruism divine
Greatness of wife and kids
Are indicated !
During the Dasa of Jupiter
Will do righteous acts
Will have fortune  children
Favor from Government
Extolled by the great
Will have regal conveyances
With wife and kids
Fulfillment of all desires
Are indicated !


During the Dasa of Venus
Immense sensory enjoyments
Gain of conveyances
Gain of ornaments
Jewels and jackpot
Enjoyments supreme
Performing auspicious acts
Favors from Government 
Are all indicated !
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