Vedic Astrology Lesson 174  

  Of Planetary Periods or Dasas




Vimshottari Dasa means,
The 120 year Dasa Cycle,
Wherein all planets get Dasas
Or periods of directional influence !

Sun Six, Moon Ten years,
Seven has Mars and 18 Rahu,
16 years, Saturn 19, Mercury 17
Ketu 7 and Venus 20 !

The scholar has to scrutinise,

The strength of the planet,
Its lordships, ownerships,
Where they are posited.

Who are aspecting them,
And then form an opinion,
Where they are strong or weak,

Sampoorna or Rikta

The planet's strength,
Should be considered,
In the Sixfold Analysis ,
Or Shad Bala !

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The Sixth lord's reign,
Produces fear of enemies,
The Eighth lord creates,
Fear of Death !


The Twelfth lord effectuates,
Financial stringency and travel,,,
More so if the planet,
Is aspected by malefics !


The lords of Six, Eight, Twelve,
Produce misery and loss,
The Lord of Sixth,
And the lord of Eighth.


The lord of Twelfth,
Creates debts, diseases, enemies,
So beware of these three, 

The so called Trika lords !

While Vimshottari is followed in Natal,
Trisphuta Dasa is followed in Horary

Trisputa dasa  is 360 days. 

Vimshotari  is 120 years.

Dangerous are these,
The Sixth, the Eighth and the Twelfth lords,
From Aroodha Lagna,
Planets which tenant Six, Eight, Twelve.

Combust Planets,
Debilitated Planets,
Malefics in 1,4,7,10,2,5,9,
And Lord of Gulika.

Lord of Gulikamsa Rasi,
The lords of 3,5,7,
From Trisphuta Rasi,
Will wreak havoc !


Mooda Kendra Dhanastrikona Khagara
Mandyamsa Raseeswara 

On the contrary,
Benefics in angles and trines,
Eleven, Two, Nine,
Bring auspiciousness !

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