Vedic Astrology Lesson 171  

        Of Sarva Ashta Varga


In the Ashtaka Varga System

Each planet gets Bindus, Points
Ashtaka Varga has been defined
As the Eightfold Point System !
We will deal now with
Soorya Ashta Varga !
Marriage should be consummated
On the Sign wherein
Sun gets maximum Bindus
In the Eightfold Point System !
For travel and for donation
To be done in the same month
For maximum effects
So say the Astro wise !
On the contrary
In the Signs where the Sun
Gets minimum bindus
Those months harm native.
In the Soorya Ashta Varga
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If you count Signs from Aries
As East, South, West, North
In that Sign which gets bindus
Maximum, use it for auspicious events !
Count the points from Sun
The first four being the Ist division
The second four second division
The next four third division]


Divide Day by Three
If good bindus the first division get
Do auspicious in the first division
And similarly for all !
We will deal now with
Chandra Ashta Varga !
When the Moon traverses
The Signs which maximum points
Then auspicious deeds to be done
According to Ashtaka Varga !
Husband, wife, Government
Minister, servant, disciple
Master, friend all
Are interrelated !
If Moon tenants
Signs with less bindus
Avoid auspicious events
So say Astro classics !
It is inauspicious indeed if you  see
People born with Moon
Tenanting Signs with less bindus
Or Moon with   less  digit strength.
In the direction signified,
By Rashis with good points,
Erecting wells therein,
Is excellent indeed !
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