Vedic Astrology Lesson 169 

                Of Arishta Bhanga Yogas !



For all Arishta, negative Yogas
There can be cancellations

Such cancelling factors
Are enumerated below !
If Jove is in the Ascendant
If the Ascendant lord is angular
If the Lagna lord is trinal
Those Arishtas are cancelled !
If the Ascendant
And the Lunar Ascendant
Are aspected by benefics
Cancelled are those Arishtas !
If all the nine planets
Stand in respective Rasis
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Those Arishtas will fly away
So say Astro classics !
If the North Node, Rahu, be
In Three, Six or Eleven
And if Aries or Taurus or Cancer be
The Rising Sign
Aspected by benefics
Those Arishtas will go away !
If Moon Full be, in Opposition
Aspected by all planets
Those Arishtas will retreat
According to the Astro wise !
If Full Moon be
Aspected by Venus
In exaltation or in friendly Amsas
Those Arishtas will fly !
If Six, Seven and Eight
From Moon be
Tenanted by benefics, sans malefics
Those Arishtas will move away !
If Moon be with benefics
And tenant a benefic decanate
Then those Arishtas are null and void
So say the Astro classics !
If the Moon be
Aspected by Lagna lord
Be in benefic Sign
Or in benefic Dwadasamsa
Brings end to all Arishtas !
Even if the Moon be
In malefic Signs
Aspected by its lord
Arishtas will fly away !
If the lord of the Lunar Ascendant
Is aspected by a benefic
Or a planet who is Bandhu
Arishtas will move away !
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