Vedic Astrology Lesson 167   

                                                                                Of  Female Horoscopy  !  


If the Seventh House be

A Cardinal Sign, Chara
Husband will be travelling
Or residing in foreign countries !
If the Seventh House be
A Fixed  Sign, Sthira
He will live in own land
So say Astro classics !
If the Seventh House be
A Mutable  Sign, Ubhaya
He will be in between
According to Astrology !
If the Seventh House be
Associated with Sun, medium sexed
With Moon, pleasant in sex
With Mars, overcomes spouse
With Mercury, scholar
With Jupiter, mastery of sense
With Venus, handsome
With Saturn, senile
So say Astro savants !
If the Ascendant of husband be
The Seventh of the wife
Or the Seventh Amsa of wife
He will be virtuous
With handsome mien
And brilliant too !
If Jupiter be Dustha
Badly positioned
New Page 5
Along with Ninth lord
Also badly placed
Husband will not be long lived !
If they are trinal or angular
Longlived and wealthy
If they with Mercury
Or with the Fourth lord
Husband will be a scholar
With Mars and Saturn
An agriculturist


A scheming Machiavelli
If with Rahu and Ketu


A crook is born
If with the Sixth lord !
If Sun tenants Seventh
Husband will be a Casanova
Anger prone, with red eyes
If Moon, handsome
If Mars, cruel and lazy
If Mercury, wealth and learning
If Jupiter, regal and wise
If Venus, handsome and poetic
If Saturn, senile
If Nodes, unintelligent !
If Seventh lord be angular
Longevity of marriage high
Marriage will be protected
So say Astro classics !
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