Vedic Astrology Lesson 166 

                                                                                  Of the Horoscopy of Females !


Even if the Moon be

In whatever Signs
If she be in the Ascendant
She will be amorous !
If Jupiter and Mercury be
In the favourable Ascendant
She will be versatile
If Jupiter, Venus and Mercury be
In the favourable Ascendant
She will be famous with all qualities
If Jupiter be
In own or exaltation
Angular or trinal
She will be virtuous !
If Cancer is rising
And if Moon and Venus
Mercury and Jupiter tenant
She will be skilled in all arts
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Intelligent, knowledgeable
And beauteous too !
Know Pravajya Yoga
From the Ninth or Seventh
If the Seventh is occupied by malefics
And if Ninth is tenanted by benefics
She will attain to Pravajya
And never widowhood !
We have said earlier
That malefics in the Eighth
Generate widowhood

Or seprraratio.

Find out which Navamsa
The Eighth lord is in
Predict death of husband
In the Nisarga Dasa
Of the Amsa lord !
If the Eighth House be of medium strength
Aspected by benefics
Or associating with benefics
Both husband and wife will die


If the lords of Lagna and Seventh

Are in mutual interchange
Or are in association
Same fate awaits couple !
If the Second House be
Tenanted by benefics
She will die before husband

Such death will ensue


During the periods or subperiods
Of the Eighth lord
Of planets tenanting the Eighth
Or their Amsa lords !
If the Seventh House be weak
Planetless, with malefic aspect
Unaspected by benefics
No husband for native !
If the Seventh House be
Tenanted by Saturn
She will be impotent
So say  Astro classics !
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