Vedic Astrology Lesson 164

                                                                                   Verses of Female Horoscopy            


If the Navamsa of Mars
Falls in the Seventh House

And aspected by Saturn
She will have vaginal disease !
If the Ascendant falls
In Martian Houses
And if Moon and Venus tenant
She will be criticiser of husband !
If the Lagna  falls
In Martian Houses
And if  Mars and Mercury tenant
She will be a great enjoyer !
If the Ascendant falls
In Martian Houses
And if  Mercury, Moon, Jove tenant
She will be wealthy !
If the Lagna  falls
In Martian Houses
And if  Jove alone tenants
She will be wealthy  !
If all planets are exalted
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She will be fortunate !
But if Eighth be afflicted
A widow is born !

Similarly, if the Eighth lord's
Navamsa lord be malefic
Widowhood may be conferred
So say the Astro classics !
If the Eighth House is tenanted by benefic
She will die before husband
There wont be any widowhood
So say the Astro wise !
If the House of Fortune be
Tenanted by benefics
Even if malefics tenant
Seventh and Eighth
She will be fortunate
And with family good !
If the House Fourth be
Tenanted by malefics
She will live happily
With spouse and children !
If the Ascendant falls
In Cancer or Sagittarius
She will be with children
But will be poor !
Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Virgo
Be the House Fifth
And Moon tenanting therein
She will have less children !
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